20 August 2014

Barefoot and Pregnant

38 Weeks

I never thought I'd make it this far.  Not with everything going on with packing the house and running after three energetic kids, but here I am at week 38 and still pregnant!

This is the point where pregnancy is no longer comfortable or cute.  This is the point where you are like, "get out! get out! get out!" And taping eviction notices on your belly.

This is the point where people at the Mall, at the grocery store, at the cleaners congratulate you and ask "When are you due?" Which really means, "How the heck are you still walking around with that belly?"

I'm talking sleepless nights...

I'm talking very little energy...

And lots of waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

This is the point when you want to beg your doctor to induce you, because you are tired of being pregnant.  You just want your body back and your baby in your arms.

My big kids come in my room every morning expecting me to not be pregnant anymore and expecting Amelia to magically appear in a bassinet that we do not even have set up yet because we move in 5 days.

This is when people start to tell you what to do to have your baby:

1. Eat spicy food (check)

2. Get a pedicure (check)

3. Have relations with your spouse (double check)

4. Go for a walk (seriously? I have 3 kids...all. I. do. is. walk/run)

People seem to forget I've done this a few times and I kind of know what to do...but I guess everyone wants to be helpful.

This is when everyone texts you everyday: How are you feeling?

I want to text back: Tired. Cranky. Fat. Over it. But I usually just say, "I'm fine."

It doesn't matter that I had Julia at week 37, Mark at week 38 and Micah at week 39...this baby is going to come when she wants to...and there's not much I can do about it.  (I kinda hate that)

Okay, still pregnant, gotta run.  I need some peanut butter.


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