15 August 2014

My Mother in Law...My friend

Happy Birthday, Mom!

She's the type of woman who puts everyone else's needs first and she loves to spoil those she loves.  We gave her her birthday gift early this year because we weren't sure when Amelia would come, and guess what Mom does with her gift card?  She has Julia sleep over for the weekend and takes her shopping with it and buys gifts for Mark and Micah too!

My Mom is a snazzy dresser, and I would say quality time is her love language.  She loves spending time with our family, and I don't think she can ever get enough hugs or kisses from the grand kids.

We appreciate all that she does for us.  There are many times she allows us to have a date night or time alone and in a marriage with 3 kids those times are truly precious.

Thank you Mom for loving us the way that you do!  WE love you so much!  Happy Birthday!

Julia and Mark send you their love too!

Thank you for giving me the best gift of all...your amazing son!

Micah loves you too!! xoxo

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