11 August 2014

TWO Weeks

Life As We Know It...

It is super exciting to think that in just 14 days life as we know it will be completely different.  We will be loading the UHaul trucks and sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and on a Monday driving those trucks to our new home and maybe even with 4 kids instead of 3.

Julia told us tonight that she did not want to move.  She said, "I like this house."  And for the past 8 years, this house has been such a blessing to us.  And I hope we have used it to host and bless others.  I think the room I will miss the most is the basement because that is where we all hung out as a family the most, that is where we had movie nights, girl nights, couple's nights, birthday parties, new year's eve parties, so many fun memories.  

The boys are oblivious to the move.  But Mark is excited to see the new house and see his new room.  But he never really talks about it.  And Micah's only one, so all he does lately is smile, run, and say "no!"

It's all in God's hands now...

There's a little packing left to do...just the essentials like the pantry, fridge, kitchen, and laundry room...things I was leaving for the last minute since we use those rooms so much.  This weekend I finished the closets and the bathrooms.  My buddy Christy is coming over to help me.  I can't wait!

And then there are the weekly doctor appointments because my days being pregnant are drawing to an end (YAY!)...''

Tomorrow we head to the dollar store and teacher store for some school supplies and we are going to start our little mommy homeschool to keep us busy while we are here.  Julia and Mark are really starting to not like the lack of structure...there's been a little extra teasing and fighting, which, as a mom, I know it's just because they are bored.  I'm so looking forward to just settling in.  

Check out my Back-to-School Pinterest Board...we are going to be doing lots of fun things once September hits!  I'm waiting for us to be in the house and in our "school room" (the 5th bedroom downstairs) before we do certain things.  And our Classical Conversations starts on Sept 3rd!


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