08 August 2014


Our Anniversary

Each year of our marriage has marked something brand new for the both of us...first it was buying a town house (it was so small, but for three years it was so perfect for us...two bedrooms, a backyard, a small kitchen and laundry room, living room and dining room and we LOVED our fireplace, and I remember how much we enjoyed our garden and landscaping the front of our town home), then we began to travel.  Our first Christmas as a married couple we headed to Florida for Disney Land.  As the years went on we got to see places like Dominican Republic, Mexico, Rome, Barcelona, Paris (and use my 6 years of French), London, England, every Christmas break we went away for a week, and every summer we traveled away for a week.  It was amazing.

Next, our first over seas missions trip for a month to China, then it was our first real home with 3 bedrooms upstairs, a huge backyard, a gorgeous basement with an extra room for an office, a kitchen, a living room, dining room, laundry room, and a reading room that we now use as a playroom/schoolroom (I remember how we loved buying furniture for each room especially dreaming big and holding hands and going to Ethan Allen).  Then it was me graduating from graduate school.

Then our first puppy, and two months later we found out some pretty awesome news...after 4 1/2 years of being married...we were finally pregnant!  The last 6 1/2 years have been busy with not only our first child Julia Star, but our second child Mark Ciro, and our third Micah Justice...and in the next 3-4 weeks we are awaiting a beautiful little princess Amelia Susanna our beloved last addition to our family that we like to call Team Mac.

And this month we will leave the home we brought all of our children home to as newborns and we will move into something a little bigger and newer, and Lord willing it will be perfect for our growing needs.

These last 11 years have been completely filled with a lot of joy, a lot of lessons, some heart ache, but always tons of laughter and love.  God has been beyond faithful.  I have learned this last year that God sometimes throws you curve balls so that you can trust Him more and learn how to thank Him in advance for what He is about to do...not my favorite, but I have never felt so close to Him.

And there has always been love between John and I.  We are like a fine wine...we get better with time.  I feel so completely blessed to call him my man.  We have been through it all and we always come away from scary situations stronger and better than before.  I believe there are two things in life you have absolutely no control over.  (I learned this from Dr. Doug).  And these two things will impact and change the rest of your life.  1. Who you marry.  2. How many children you have.

John and I look at each other at night and we say...how did we find each other? and how did we get so blessed to have 4 kids?!  I always figured we would have two...but 4!?  This is beyond what I would ask or think possible.

On August 8, 2003, our lives were changed forever.  And I am so glad God put us together.  Because I can't imagine my life without John Michael McInerney in it.

Happy Anniversary my love...here is to many more years to come!  No one loves you like me!!!


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