19 January 2011

Bridal Showers

On Sunday after church, we ate lunch put the kids down for a nap, and I slipped off to a dear co-workers bridal shower. 

Tara and I taught fourth grade for two years together before she moved to North Carolina.

In North Carolina she purchased her own town house, got a teaching job, and found a church to get involved in.  Isn't she brave?  Guess what?  God blessed her mightily, not only does she love the North Carolina area but she met the man of her dreams, Tim at church there and he actually was the leader of their young adult group.

He proposed over the summer and they are due to get married this April!!! Weddings are so exciting, and I am so happy for Tara and Tim.  Last winter we had a chance to have them over for dinner when they were in town visiting family, and John and I could tell instantly that God put these two together!  I love how their story happened and how patient Tara was in waiting for God to show her a godly man.

The bridal shower had a few of her friends and a lot of family!  It was really neat to celebrate Tara and Tim together!  I'm all for having the husband to be at the bridal shower, John was at mine and I loved having him there.

Tim was such a good sport and helped Tara open gifts, read cards, give thank yous, and even wear a goofy hat!

I loved seeing the joy on their faces and Tara and her parents being silly with each other!

This is a picture of Sarah, one of her brides maids making the fun bow hats!

Tim's mom even traveled to NJ for the shower.  It was a 9 hour drive from North Carolina.  I got to sit and chat with Mrs. Pendergrass and I could tell she was super proud of Tim...I found out that Tim has a twin sister!

God bless you Tim and Tara!  Many years of love and happiness and lots of laughter!

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