12 January 2011

Build a Bear Party for my Three Year old Princess

This is my best girl.  Still trying to grasp the fact that she is no longer a baby...at least once every day she goes, "Mom, I'm a big girl now? I'm not a baby anymore?"  And I wince and say, "yep, you're a big girl now...but your still my baby girl."  I constantly tell her, "Julia you are my favorite daughter (my only daughter) and now if she really likes someone she says, "Holly is my FAVORITE daughter!"  It's so funny.

This summer I got the idea to throw Julia a Build a Bear party...and back in September I booked it!  Julia's birthday is already a party, she was born on New Year's Eve, but I like to celebrate her once with us as a family and then with her little friends.

Here is a picture of Julia with her buddy Capri.  We've gone to library class together since the girls were less than 8 months old...we always try to get together for play dates and birthdays and Capri has a sister who is a few months younger than Mark.  So Pam and I have gotten close these past few years.  And obviously our girls have, just look at them!  It's amazing how moms become friends because of their kids, I love it!

At build a bear we got there before our guests arrived and Julia and Mark had fun checking the place out and playing with the toys.

I know I am completely biased...but is he not the CUTEST thing since sliced bread???

Julia had 9 of her friends come, some sat with their parents and others sat around the build a bear hostess listening about how to build their bear.

This is my dear friend Rayna, my roommate from college, the only other Christian I met my first weekend there, and the only one who wouldn't drink and party.  We got close super fast and God blessed us and kept us close throughout the years.  Rayna has 4 boys and just adopted 2 year old Veronica on her lap.  We enjoy thoroughly spoiling Veronica!!!  And Rayna and I enjoy lots of coffee while the kids play!

Julia chose a vanilla looking bear and named it Snoofy...don't ask where she got that name from, I have no idea...I'm thinking its from Charlie brown, but she kept reminding me it was Snoofy not Snoopy.

Thank you Brenna, Brody, JoJo, Caprina, Siena, Veronica, Tamara, Henry, Madison, and Melanee (and Marky) for helping us celebrate Julia's special day!!!

Each child went home with some home made Star cookies from Miss Julia Star, and red polka-dotted bows for the girls (made by a friend from High School) and of course their very own bear!!!

I'm already thinking about ideas for next year...


  1. Aw, looks like the party was a blast! And you are right, your little Mark is adorable. =) Loving the cute little argyle vest! How stylish!

  2. What a fun time!! Teddy bears, cookies and cute kids! Love, love, love it!!


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