28 January 2011

How do you do it? series...leaving the house

Leaving the House with Toddlers:

Prep Before the Departure

1. The Diaper Bag-change of clothes per child (no matter the age, Julia is potty trained and I still bring an extra pair of clothes and panties) diapers/wipes, sippy cups, crunchy snacks, salty snacks, fruity snacks.
* Pack the bag the night before and place NEAR the door so you won't forget it.

2. Snacks for the Car Ride-special bowls with lid that allows little hands to go in but no snack to fall out (mark still uses his)
*Ready to go on the counter. (can be filled the night before)

3. Toys to Occupy- a leap frog toy, a cuddly Elmo, a squishy small basketball, a book that makes sounds
* Leave these toys in the car (one less thing to remember to carry...tell the kids they are car toys)

4. One sippy cup per child (or bottle, or binky depending on what stage you are in)
* Prep night before and placed in fridge in front on top shelf

*Kristi's KEY-Do these things the night/day before your departure!  It's very frustrating running around your house like a lunatic, putting on cuts, tying shoes, combing hair, brushing teeth, changing the last diaper, going to the potty one last time, etc, never mind getting yourself ready, so save yourself time by having these things already done.


1. Place all bags and cups in car before bringing kids outside.
2. Do diaper changes and potty trips 5-10 minutes before leaving. (Don't ask your toddler, just say it's time to go on the potty, I find the less we ask for issues and the more we establish routines, kids just expect it and go with the flow!)
3. Grab your purse, keys and phone AND the kids, and GO!
4. Smile and Have fun!  I'm trying to be a fun mommy and not a stressed mommy!


  1. Things always do go smoother when we do them the night before, right? I love the idea of having "car toys" and just leaving them there! <3 Christy


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