03 January 2011

New Year's List

Revelation 21:5 "Behold I make all things new..."
Happy New Year 2011

John and I are SO thankful for a NEW year and a NEW start.  Last year was one of our toughest years.  Nothing bad happened, but there were just so many changes, and so much waiting on certain things, but we found that God drew us closer and we know God has a purpose and it was all for a reason.

Think about all the things that God has made NEW in your life.  Has He given you a NEW heart? Are His mercies NEW every morning? If you are married, has He given you a NEW family (no longer clinging to mom and dad, but now cleaving to husband)?  Do you have a NEW home?  A NEW job? A NEW opportunity?  A NEW relationship?  He makes all things NEW!  One of my favorite months of the year is September because I feel like (as a teacher for the past 7 years before my kids came) the Fall signals a NEW year and a NEW start.  But now that I'm home, January is becoming another favorite month because

This year I want to make a commitment to myself and my family to spend more quality time with everyone and less rushing from thing to thing and over extending myself.  While my kids need me so much and are so young I really want their memories of mommy during this time to be a fun mommy, not a stressed, worn-out, burnt out mommy.

Here are some things NEW that I will be doing this year...

* Date nights will be put on the calendar!  And at least 1 date outside the home each month! (a big deal once you have little ones and have to find a sitter)

* Trying at least two new recipes or more a month.

* Beginning to cutback my commitments in ministry at church, since I do: nursery, beginner church, Sunday school, and ladies Bible study, not to mention being on the women ministry team.

* Now that all my scrapbooking materials are downstairs and in an accessible space (not upstairs in Mark's room which did me no good since when he slept and I had time to scrapbook he was in there) beginning to scrapbook my kids birthday books.

* Blogging less and not feeling bad about it!

I'm really excited about this year.  I look forward to more family time, less stress, and using my creativity and energy with those that God has blessed me with!


  1. I love your list except about blogging less but can totally understand! I definately feel like God is giving me more compassion for others and I have so many ideas to enrich other lives around me! Moving away from my parents was the hardest thing for me but it has made me and Chuck a lot closer and believing God will be there for you! We were paying for two places for awhile and knew we couldn't do it forever but out of the blue we had someone come up to us and ask to rent our place which wasn't selling! Sorry this is so long but wanted to give you hope that God knows what is best for us and in His timing! Love this post! Thanks, Kristi!

    Kathy McCain

  2. Great list, Kristi! I am finding that your first two things and the spending more quality time were on my list too. We do think alike in so many ways :)

  3. Babe- first you are a fantastic writer- I love reading what you write - and keeping up with you when I'm at work.

    I am so excited about date night. I can't wait - when is the first one?

    I loved reading how your focus for the new year is so positive- here is mine:

    1. Be in Gods word more- like every day-as I so desperatly need to love the Lord more than I do. Life has taken me away- tyanny of the urgent.
    2. Wake up early before work to pray and of early enough workout
    3. Be diligent in our family 1pm prayer time.
    4. Be a more sensative and caring husband.

  4. Hi sweetie! I wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! May GOD bring you many blessings this year! <3


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