05 January 2011

Me, Julia, and Charlotte's Web

One of my favorite things to do as a classroom teacher was to read to my students.  Part of it is the Theater major in me because I got to act out the book and use different voices (which the kids always got a kick out of) and another part was that me and the class bonded in this special way that only a reader can explain.  We experienced the highs and lows of the book...we laughed together, and even cried together...sharing a book with another person is just the neatest way to share your heart.

Since Julia has a new room and a new bed, and is now 3 year's old with a much longer attention span, I've been noticing for the past few weeks that she isn't quite ready to go to bed when its time, the way she used to.  She keeps saying, "Read another one, mommy.  Lay with me mommy, sit here daddy."  She doesn't want story time to end because then she is alone in her room and I think sometimes it frightens her...so right after the New Year, I had a great idea...I thought to myself, I think it's time for Julia and I to start our very first novel together.  And immediately, I mean there wasn't any hesitation, Charlotte's Web came to mind, I mean I loved that book as a kid, we've seen the movie a hundred times as a family, and we love Fern, Wilbur and all the barn yard animals, so...why not read the book!

So Sunday night while we cleaned up the room, said our prayers, and put Marky to bed, John and I climbed into Julia's bed, we all sat pretzel style and we read the first chapter, and she LOVED it.  It really helps that there are pictures in our book too.  Julia asks a lot of questions as we read, "Why is her face sad?, is her dad mad?, What's that in his hand? awww look at the pigs milk!"  Last night I thought we'd do another chapter, but instead we did THREE!  She sits and sucks her thumb and mommy reads and reads using all different voices for each character.

John came home around 8:15 last night and saw us snuggled in her bed reading, she asked John to read for a bit, and then quickly changed her mind and said, "No mommy you read."  And John goes, "I know mommy reads better. " and julia goes, "yea!"  It made me smile.  I'm loving this extra bonding time we have and I can't wait to read more each night!

This year is all about taking these special moments, bonding with my children, and taking time to invest in getting to know who they are and letting them see who I am.  I love it.


  1. Oh how fun! I remember reading that book when I was a little older, it's great that Julia is getting into it now! It's a wonderful story. =)

  2. What a wonderful idea! We have been doing a devotional with Addie every evening since just before the New Year (a gift from a friend). She does look forward to that time.


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