14 January 2011

How do you do it? series...

A super special friend/faithful blog reader came over the other day and (she recently had a beautiful baby girl) asked me a lot of mommy questions.  She suggested a do a blog about some of the routines/things I do to survive mommy hood...so I wanted to pass along some ideas, tips, advice, godly wisdom, whatever you may call it, and remember just because these things work for me, doesn't mean they will work for you or that you will agree with my style or method but I did want to share.

Mommy Question #1 How do you take a shower with two little kids?

For me, taking a shower is a necessity.  It is imperative!  I don't feel ready to face the day til after my shower, if I had to choose between coffee and a shower, it'd be a shower!  And that is saying a lot because I love coffee.  As you know, I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old, and I don't feel comfortable leaving them alone together while I shower.  Since Julia was about 2 I've been leaving her alone to watch a video while I take my shower.   I would put Mark in his crib to either take a nap or play and I would shower.  Not a long luxurious shower, but a nice 5-10 minute one, do my hair, brush my teeth, and get dressed for the day.  As Mark has gotten older he now usually just snuggles with his blanket or stands and waits for me to get him, but both my kids know this routine and they both obey.  There is no tears, no fuss, Julia says, "Mom, you gotta take your shower?"  And I say, yes, let her pick a video and go.

Julia also sometimes goes to the potty on her own during this time, because I've heard the toilet flush and the door open and close...and I'm tickled pink that she is getting so independent.  Then she goes right back downstairs and waits for me.

Establishing a routine, sticking to it, and setting expectations for your kids is very important.  Don't feel like you can't take care of yourself because you have small children.  They are great at getting used to structure and being independent.

But, you also have to know your own kids well enough to say, "That wouldn't work for us."  If your child doesn't sit still during a video, or climbs out of their crib then this won't work for you, but maybe there are other options (like showering at night when Dad's home).  Whatever works for your family is what is best.

Tune in next Friday for: How do you have dinner ready and a clean house with little ones to care for?


  1. This is a great series to do. So many moms feel like they have to give up their lives (showers, fixing themselves up, basic hygiene) for their families, not realizing that their hands are not tied at all. Great post!

  2. I love this idea of sharing your tips and tricks to survive the "toddler" years. I agree completely with what you said, a shower is a necessity. SInce I have a 5 year gap with my two, I can leave them together to take a shower. Sydney is my little "babysitter." Having them closer together must be more difficult.

  3. LOVE your new series!!!!!!!! ~Christy


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