13 January 2011

Jesus Loves Me

Marky and I had a very tender moment as I sang Jesus loves me to him, like I do every night before bed, we held hands and danced and he said almost every word with me! 

It was so special to hear his tender little deep voice and not only did my heart melt, but I thought of our Father in heaven and how he must've been smiling and enjoying each word right along with me.

There is just an innocence and sincerity in a child and it is so sweet and so lovely.  It was a moment I wanted to last forever...

Jesus Loves you mark and so does mommy!

Happy Thursday everyone, and Happy Birthday to my Father in Law Jack, who is 61 this year, and my dearest and sweetest friend Christy H.!


  1. new christian blog: www.we-are-precious.blogspot.com

  2. Oh, how sweet! Give that little boy a squish from me!


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