17 February 2011

A Perfect Day: Story time at the Library

Well we spend at least one or two days a week in a library class for story time and craft time on Mondays, or story time and bubbles on Wednesday with Ms. Marilyn or Thursdays with Mr. Darren.  It's whatever works best for our little schedule that week, and this week it was Wednesday.

Julia and Mark love to walk in and use the water fountain.  It's one of the high lights of going to the library, don't ask me why, but they are either very thirsty kids, or they like standing on the step stool, either way it's a must.

Then we head over to the play area.  Julia likes to play with the barn and all the animals and Mark likes to play with the beads.  This has been a great opportunitiy to teach them to share with other children.  We have had many a lesson and many a melt down because we wanted all the farm animals (Miss Julia likes to line them ALL up) or when we build a castle we cry if someone knocks it down.  All good learning opportunities to share, take turns, and not get so upset if something falls.

The library gives the kids freedom to choose what they want to do, which I like because each time they pick something different.  (We go 10-15 minutes before story time so they can play, and we stay 10-15 after wards so they can play again).

Today Mark enjoyed walking all around and playing on the computer, even though it was rather sunny.

Sydney was helping him with the headphones and sound.  But he loved holding the mouse and hearing the songs and words of the characters.  He really didn't want to go to story time today...he had a lot of paper work to do on the computer, like his daddy...

This is Ms. Marilyn (we need to work on a good gift for her because she is wonderful).  She reads all the books, she sings tons of songs and finger plays, and she is kind, and sweet like a grandma.  She blows the best bubbles and even takes Clifford a huge red dog out of the back closet and let's the kids pet it.  Today there were over 30 parents and kids in class so we skipped Clifford time.

Julia and Mark posing for the picture.  Usually Mark is kept on my lap (he loves to escape). And Julia sits right next to me.  Julia is getting too old for this class, so we may have to start coming at 11:00, but I like this group for Mark, and I like a lot of the moms in this class...

Julia notices all the cute babies in class and turns around and tells me about them.  I have to remind her to listen to Ms. Marilyn's story.  But I do love that face of hers!

Bubble time!  Julia is so sweet she always, always catches a bubble for me and brings it to me!  Who does that?  My girl...

Mark is in the middle amazed at the bubble around him...look at those lips and cheeks...munchable

Another highlight today was seeing Ms. Amy and her daughter Sydney and Lucas in the library.  She let Julia hold Lucas and Julia was forever grateful...even when they almost tipped over...

Julia is a baby magnet...

Thank you Ms. Amy!

Time to color with Sydney and Gavin.  They love this part.  They can pick any print out by the librarians themselves and plop down near some crayons and go to work.  We've had melt downs when we had to stop coloring too...

Mark enjoyed being with the big kids!  He was eating his bagel and coloring and sitting like that in the chair...it drove me crazy, but he was fine, I just need to RELAX!

Another perfect day at the library.  We stayed for a full hour.  We got home around 11:10, had lunch, did school, and then the kids napped for almost 2 hours.  It was a good day!


  1. Sounds so lovely! I can't wait to have kiddos of my own so I can take them to the library. =)

  2. Your library looks awesome! Ours is rather small and there is only one class a week for us. No toys, just books. No windows, but we do like our teacher a lot. Last week, there were fewer kids at Toddler Time and I saw Addie really shine because of the smaller group. Even the teacher was surprised with how much Addie interacted and answered! Marky and Julia, you are just too cute for words!


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