23 February 2011

My Bucket List

My Bucket List: Things I'd like to do before I pass away...

A lot of these things I picture John and I doing once the kids are off in college or with families of their own.  It's exciting to picture your life with your best friend doing adventurous things!

1. I would love to travel to Greece!  The crystal blue waters and the history that is there (did you know John took Greek in Seminary?  He got an A plus!  He is a language wiz!

2.  I would love to go on a hot air balloon! You know how Dorothy traveled in the Wizard of Oz!? So cool to be so high up in the air...I think I would be super scared, but I would do it if John would come with me!

3. John and I are aching to go to Jerusalem and Israel, but with all the things happening in the Middle East (and there will always be issues over there until Christ comes again) it's nerve wracking to think about planning a trip...but I would still love to see the camels and the Dead Sea, and walk where Jesus walked.  And visit the Jewish temples.  John needs a reason to brush up on his Hebrew too!

4. Visit Harvard!  I know this sounds funny, but it's the most prestigious school in the United States and I would just like to walk on the campus and look around and say, "I've been there!"

5. Go to Washington D.C. when all the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  We went a few years ago with Adrian and Violeta but in February and it was freezing, and there wasn't a cherry blossom in sight! lol  I've heard it's so pretty to see.

6. Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center underneath the massive Christmas Tree!

7. See the musical Wicked again with front row seats!  I would be very tempted to jump on stage and sing all the songs with the characters, I'm sure.

8. Take a family picture with my WHOLE family (grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins) and we would all be at the beach with jeans on and white shirts...I can't help it, that's just how I picture it, and all the kids would be wearing patriotic sundresses or shorts and tank tops.

9. Go on a European Cruise with my hubby and visit all our favorite places again, Italy, France, Spain...

10. Go to Prince Edward Island and see where Anne of Green Gables was filmed...walk by the trees, see the beach, visit the school house and Green Gables of course.

11. Live like an Amish person for a few days....learn how to cook and bake their popular dishes and desserts and just be around the simple life without tv, computers, or cell phones.


  1. Great list! I have never thought about it, but I think it is a great idea!

  2. Kristi- it's really amazing how much we have in common! I have always wanted to visit Greece and the Holy Lands too. Also, Wicked is one of my favorite musicals! And, I tried to talk my hubby into going to Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia for our honeymoon because I loved the Anne of Green Gables movies so much. =) It didn't work out financially for us to go then, but I really hope we can someday!

  3. Hey with regards to #5 you could so do that and visit us in MD LOL. The festival officially starts on March 26th this year :)


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