18 February 2011

16 Text Challenge

Today is a secret really.  John has no idea that I will be texting him all day how much I love him.

He's been so busy at work that he doesn't really have time to read my blog much lately...so I've been writing him notes in his lunch to tell him all about our day.

Like two days ago, when Julia said, "Mom, you're my best friend."  And yesterday how Mark said "No!" to just about everything I suggested, with a smile, I might add.  And just yesterday when Julia said, after nap time, with no prompting, "Mommy thank you for taking us to the store and playing with us...thank you."  These are the moments I wish he could share with us, but he is hard a work, and for that I am thankful.

So today is a way I want to bless John and let him know just how much I care...and 16 texts because we've known each other for 16 glorious years...we met at age 16.  I've already sent 4 texts, and I'm excited to send more.  So today, if there is someone you are thankful for or truly care about, and you just want to bless them, send them a bunch of texts telling them so...it's really fun!!!  Don't be shy to share about it with me!

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