13 February 2011

Mark and the sleepless night

Mark barely slept last night...he went to bed by 7:45 but by 12:30 he was up and in our bed.  By 3:30 I could tell he had a fever, and a cough, and a stuffy nose.  Poor guy.  But we had a big day ahead of us with church, John leading Sunday School class, and then our double date with close friends in the city for the day (to a museum and then a restaurant for dinner).  So I put him back in his bed, but an hour later he was back with us feeling pretty miserable.  I gave him Tylenol at 7:30 am but I felt so bad for him because he wouldn't eat, and barely drank his soy milk.  So...please pray for my little man today.

He's normally so happy go lucky, but today I think the sleepless night, the runny nose (the fever is gone) and the watery eyes just have him downright sad.  He was excited to hear that Grandma was coming over, right away he said, "Grandma hug, Grandma kiss!"  It was the first time he perked up...I did get him to eat some melon, and two hershey kisses and some grapes.  And he drank some juice and soy...but I know once we leave the house at 1:15pm I will be a nervous wreck hoping he is ok.

Praying my mom can handle my rambunctious Julia and my sick baby Mark today...

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