02 February 2011

Mark's Accident (Twenty Months)

My sweet boy had just finished his soup and I took him out of the high chair as I was cleaning up the kitchen.  John surprised us by coming home early and he and Julia were in the basement playing.

Mark was toddling around like normal, holding a piece of his roll from dinner and he walked into the living room to follow me (for the life of me I can't remember why I was in there) and the next thing I knew he tripped over his feet and fell right on the corner of the coffee table.

Praise God John was home because once I heard the strange crying (definite pain) and the blood I knew this was no ordinary fall.  And the panic set in!  I mean John heard me scream his name, darted up the stairs, and grabbed Mark and began applying pressure.  I was frozen with panic and fear and John just kept walking me through what I needed to do, reminding me to calm down and breathe...I literally was having a panic attack.  I don't know why but it was awful.  He decided we need to go to the ER.

John continued to care for Mark (who had stopped crying and was just sucking his thumb...the bleeding had also stopped, another good sign) and I grabbed Julia, her coat and boots, Marks shoes and coat, the diaper bag, and Mark's blue comfort blanky (so glad I brought this because we were at the hospital for about 4 hours and it really helped him).

The hospital ride was only about 10 minutes but Julia's constant questions were a lot to take when all we wanted to do was get there and get mark better. Julia started to talk to Mark, "Mark, what happened boy? You got a boo boo? Awww, do you want me to kiss it?" To which he replied, "Mmhmm."  It was precious.  She is a great big sister.

We were moved to fast track at the ER...although we had to wait for the surgeon time went by quickly when a neighbor came to sit with me and Mark and while John arranged for his sister to care for Julia at home.  John drove Julia home and came back in time before the plastic surgeon came to work on Mark.  All the nurses were great and so friendly and comforting and Mark was so good.  He was saying Hi to everyone and singing with me.  I just kept trying to distract him and sing with him.  He wanted to walk around but I didn't allow him to.

Around 8:15 or 8:30 the surgeon came in took charge and by 9pm everything was done.  John stayed with Mark during the surgery...mommy would have cried her eyes out.  I was outside the room and hearing him scream and cry for me was hard, but it was a quick procedure.  We were so glad we had a great doctor.  By 9:35 we were picking up his antibiotic at CVS and Mark was fast asleep in the car seat.

Thank you Lord for keeping all of us calm and safe and for giving us a great doctor.  The stitches will be removed next Tuesday.  Please pray for quick healing.  Mark is doing well today.  I have a CLOSE eye on him!  Pray for John as he had to travel back to Warren NJ for workshops for the rest of the week, it was hard for him to leave us last night.


  1. Wow, Kristi! What an ordeal! I'm so glad Mark is ok. I can totally understand feeling panicked by that!

  2. Oh Kristi praise God your sweet boy is ok! I was wondering what happened when I saw the prayer request go out via facebook.

  3. Thank God John came home unexpectedly!

  4. Good to hear you like this, that your baby recovers now. This only become possible because of a good Plastic Surgeon.

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