21 February 2011

My Spa Saturday

Sometimes you need "alone" time and "quiet" time.  For Valentine's Day John got me a 3 month membership at Massage Envy.  I booked my first appointment for this Saturday at 4pm.

John has taekwondo on Saturdays til about 2 or 3pm, so what I did was put a 4lb chicken in the crock pot and made a lemon chicken roaster (recipe to come this week...I even took photos this time!) It was seasoned and ready to go at 8:45 am, and had a good 8-10 hours roasting and filling my home with yummy smells all day.  I also made some white rice and took out the corn John would need to heat up.  I did this so that dinner would be easy and delicious and one less thing for him to worry about.

At 3:20 pm I left the house for my appt.  The first appt you have to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.  I had a green tea as I waited.  Emily was my massage therapist and she was kind and friendly.  Most times when I get massages I feel like I have to talk to the therapist the whole time, but this time I just laid there and relaxed and it was really great.  Did you know that 1 hour of massage gives your body 6 hours of rest!  That was great because I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before (Mark is teething, poor guy).

After my massage, it was 5pm, and I was dressed and ready to go home, John texted me (Honey, we are all fine here, why don't you get waxed, and get a manicure/pedicure, too!)  Seriously, he spoils me!  I get my eyebrows done about every 2-3 weeks, but right next to Massage Envy in East Brunswick, is a European Wax Center, my sister Sara gave me a coupon for a free wax for your first visit.  She highly recommended the underarm wax (I was so scared).  I figured I have a high tolerance for pain and it's free, so why not...and so I went in and it was so nice inside.  Very professional and clean and bright...much nicer than any of the salons I go to near me.  I got waxed and it did hurt a little but overall it was well worth it.  Quick and easy.

Then I drove closer to home and took John up on the pedicure offer.  I haven't had one since November!  I picked a light shade of pink and sat back and relaxed...it was heavenly.  Knowing my kids were with their daddy, and had a good meal, made me feel comfortable too.

So that was my Spa Weekend.  I skipped the manicure, because that would have taken longer and by that point I just wanted to be home.  I arrived at home around 7pm, kids were fed and had pjs on, and John had dinner ready for me.  He even made corn bread! My fav.

*******************************************************Here's what's to come this week:

Tuesday: Building Better Relationships Chapter 5

Wednesday: My Bucket List

Thursday: James Walk Thru

Friday: How do you do it series...

Have a great week!!!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! It's so wonderful to have time to "pamper" yourself. =) I've never been to a spa, but even something like taking the time to paint my nails helps so much. How sweet of your hubs to give you a gift like that!


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