12 September 2011

Hands-On Learning

My favorite memories as a classroom teacher was hands-on learning.  I was never, ever the type of teacher that just used a workbook page by page.  I much rather do a project, get a little dirty, go outside, build something, read something, do a skit, or USE OUR HANDS!

Yes, there is always a time and a place for using workbooks, but kids will remember picking up garbage outside to celebrate Earth Day, practicing their spelling words in shaving cream or chocolate pudding, creating weather forecasts in groups, or praying around a flag pole for the President, much quicker than how they completed a workbook.

On Saturday, we went Apple Picking as a family!  And afterwards we made an Apple Crisp together (click on Apple Crisp to get the recipe) and we read a book entitled, How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. by Marjorie Priceman. (click on title to order or view on amazon)

Apple Picking is near and dear to my heart, as every teacher just loves apples, and I got to watch my kids pick their own apples off a tree and eat a freshly grown apple that they picked themselves along the way (and we did offer to pay for them, but the cashiers wouldn't let us!) and I got to hold John's hand, come on, you just don't get any better than that.

Hands-On learning is not only fun but memorable.  This week we will color pictures of apples and talk about different types of apples.  We will also make another apple crisp together for our MOPS meeting this week!  Our apple learning will continue even after our picking event.  As the kids get older we will journal about our outing and what we liked best and what we didn't like (Julia did NOT like all the bees that were on the apples on the ground, it made her nervous!) Mark liked eating his apple all by himself!  At the orchards we showed Daddy where the peach trees were when we went peach picking in August with the Coyles.

Homeschooling continues to go well...this week we are excited to add Awana to our weekly routine!  Julia has her badge vest, she will get her handbook in class, and we are working on her memory verses already.  I can't wait for class to begin!  Today we also bought her a Giants jersey to wear on Sports Night next week!  Awana will be the bulk of our Bible curriculum this year.  Completing our handbook together, memorizing, verses, and taking on new challenges will be our goal this year!



  1. That is so true, for most kids, hands on learning is the best! That's why I love teaching piano, it's so tangible and a great instrument for kids to learn how to read music on. Hope you are doing well, Kristi!

  2. You were always the Queen of Hands On Learning at TCS - you had so many creative ideas! And you LOVE apples more than anyone else I know - perhaps you are also the Queen of Apples! xoxox C

  3. I loved AWANAS when I was a kid! Such good memories. I'm sure Julia will love it! Hope your week is off to a great start my friend. Oh, and aren't apple crisps just the best? Fall on a fork. :-)

  4. I made two apple crisps this week and they just got better and better Kristin!!!! I'm so excited to start Awana tomorrow!

    And Christy, I do LOVE APPLES!

    Mikalah I didn't know you taught piano, so cool!


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