08 September 2011

Mommy, "Why...?" Learning about my firtsborn

Dear Julia,

I've been reading a book on firstborns, and I've been learning so many things about you through this book...one of which is how you are ever thirsty for answers.  You are always asking me why and really trying to figure out the world you live in.

At first, I must say I was getting rather perturbed by all the questions, the constant repetition, and wondering why you acted the way you did.  But as I read this book I am learning that this is a very common thing for firstborns, and perhaps curious 3 year olds.

Sometimes my love you are so demanding and so assertive and so confident it overwhelms me!  I'm trying to figure you out my darling so that I can meet your needs in an understanding way and not an aggravated way.

I'm trying to answer each question you have with patience, even if I just answered that same question 3 times in the last 3 seconds.  It's ok, you are growing, you are learning, and you are curious.  You are also so smart, and yes, Jesus did make you so smart!

I'm learning how to answer you so that you really understand, and I'm learning to remember your questions and use them during our Circle Time at school to talk in more depth about questions like:

1.Why is mustard yellow?
2. Why is it dark?
3. Where did the sun go?
4. Where is the moon when it's sunny? (almost every day in the car)
5. Where was I when you got married to Daddy?
6. Was I in heaven with Jesus before I was born?  (Oh my, this one is asked A LOT).
7. Why is it raining?
8. Why do the flowers need rain?
9. Why are the flowers thirsty?
10. Why did God stop the rain?

These are just a few of the questions we dealt with this week...

Parents did you know that 21 of the first 23 astronauts in space were firstborns and the other two were the only child in their family?

Did you know that your CPA, engineer, architect, pilot, and anesthesiologist are probably firstborns?

Did you know that most of our former presidents were either the first child or the first of their sex in their family?


My Firstborn, Julia, there's no one like YOU!

Check out the children's book: My Firstborn, There's No One Like YOU!

Dr. Kevin Leman & Kevin Leman II

I read the whole book to Julia last night and we laughed and laughed together, she thought it was so neat that the bear in the book was just like her!!! Firstborns have a lot in common...and check out Dr. Lemans other books entitled: My Middle Child there's no one like you, and My Youngest, there's no one like you!


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  1. These books sound great! I LOVE Julia's questions - she's a riot - what a cutie! I have always been interested in how birth order affects us - fascinating stuff! xoxo C


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