28 September 2011

Oral Surgery

Hi All!

I will be away from blog land for a few days due to oral surgery tomorrow morning which will leave me in a bit of pain, and very drugged from the procedure (Apeco).  I'd appreciate your prayers since this has been an ongoing issue since the summer.  I'm anxious to heal, recover, and get things back to normal!  I'm praying that the surgery will go smoothly, and thankful for all the help I will be receiving from friends and family.  I needed a friend to drive me tomorrow, a friend to watch my kids, and my mom to help me after work tomorrow.

Thank goodness for the Jewish holiday this week that allows my mom to be off work so she could help me.  God works all things out!

Please pray for my children as they will be with a sitter (a lovely one!) tomorrow that they obey and get along and cooperate (I know they will, but mommies always worry).

And pray for my father in law, Jack, who has knee surgery tomorrow.  Praying for a speedy and quick recovery for him as well!  Most likely, Lord willing, I will be back on Friday!


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  1. Ooh, oral surgery. Not fun! I hope it goes well though, and that you can rest and get better asap. How wonderful to have family and friends to help out!


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