05 September 2011

School Schedule

School started last week, and I finally came up a schedule that works for us and helps run our time smoothly.  I wanted to test out a few days before actually posting what we came up with and what worked best.

Remember this is just what works for us and there's no right or wrong way to plan your home school day.  The beauty of home schooling is that it can work into your daily life and routine and you can make the most of the "learning time" for your kids

Both my kids are still considered toddlers or pre-school age (Mark is 2 and Julia will be 4 in 3 months) so school is not MANDATORY, but I can't imagine not having some type of schooling already since the teacher in me is always trying to maximize learning time and since I really enjoy reading, going to the library, and learning new things with them.

We will do a full "School Day" schedule 3 times a week.  The days I have Ladies Bible Study/MOPS or gymnastics we will only have Reading Time.

A Full School Day at this point is about 2 hours of learning time (with lots of hands on activities, and a "recess break" when we play outside in the back yard, or ride bikes in the front yard.)  I DO NOT expect my kids to sit still for two hours of school time yet!  When I taught pre-K at a nursery school for a year, we weren't even allowed to have them sitting in Circle Time for longer than 15 min!  But that's another benefit of home schooling.  You know your own kids the best, and you know what they are capable of, how long they can sit for, when they look tired, or are getting bored and you can just improvise or switch up a lesson.

School Schedule

9:00 Circle Time (greeting song, weather song, calendar/days of the week review, finger plays, ABC song, Bible song, Bible verse review, pledge of allegience to flag, review presidents, NJ facts, Bible devotions, book time)

9:30 Nursery Rhyme & craft/coloring time (Evan Moor curriculum)

9:45 Outside or Playroom "recess"

10:00 Letters and Number review and writing (recognition and fine motor skills)

10: 15 Snack Time

10: 30 Reading (100 Easy Lessons)

11:00 Free Play

"Homework"  After nap time I try to have the kids table set up with a coloring page or worksheet to do with a fun snack and a drink.  It's amazing how Julia wakes up from her nap and comes right downstairs and hops in her chair and does her "homework".  It gives her a chance to fully wake up, have a snack and it just has become a routine.  Now, that Mark has his own bed (although he has no idea he can get out of his bed and "escape" yet!) I'm hoping he will also pick up on this routine.

At Bed Time after we do a family story or two, Mom has girl time with Julia, Mark has guy time with Dad, and this is when Julia and I can do our Right Choices book, a Girl Devotional, and review some Math Facts.

Lots of friends have been asking what a typical school day looks like over here, and so there you have it!  If you have any questions, or comments or other ideas to share, I'm all ears!



  1. What a great start to routine!Today is our first day and it looks like I'm going to have to drag them out of bed which I have never had to do. They are usually up by 6:30 on their own.The rain isn't helping. This week is review, mult and division tables, handwriting, and reading. We are doing early American History starting with Explorers and also US Geography, States, capitols,flowers and birds. Science: Flying Creatures of the 5th day. Daily Awana work for bible once that starts later this month.
    May God Bless our homeschools. You go girlfriend! lol

  2. You are such an inspiration Kristi!!

  3. What a great advantage you're giving your kids by getting them started early! They'll learn the importance of routine and setting time aside to learn even before the typical school age begins!

    I never knew there were so many people who homeschooled until joining the blog community. I don't homeschool myself, but what a great way to connect with other moms who do and get ideas!

  4. Thanks for the great details. I love knowing how you structure your days/weeks and are able to accomplish so much. I agree with Angela...YOU ARE AN INPIRATION KRISTI! xoxo C

  5. These pictures make me miss your munchkins! Hope to see your little ones soon! xoxoxo C


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