22 September 2011

October Menu

This is a picture of Mark last year, his first time pumpkin picking, isn't he a pumpkin???

It was a cold, Fall, day and I just came back from a women's retreat and we decided to take the kids out to a hay ride and pumpkin picking trip at Cheese-quake farms, it was really fun!

Fall is a great time for green veggies, warm soups, and yummy home made breads and stews!

Here's a peak at what will be cooking in my oven this October.  If I've posted about a recipe on the blog I will link it to the title of the recipe!  And each week there is one night that is a leftover night...I'm realizing that though I love to cook, we sometimes don't have room to eat it all in one or two nights, and starting next month I might do 2 leftover nights a week because I don't want to be wasteful!

1-Broccoli Rabe and White Bean Stoup: recipe 
2-Soup Leftovers and salad
3-Almond crusted salmon
4-Mexican Meatball soup
5-Leftover night
6-Meatless shepherd's pie
7-Pizza night (women's retreat)
8-women's retreat (daddy is the chef)
9-women's retreat (daddy is the chef)
10-Roasted Turkey with gravy
11-Turkey Tetrazzini: recipe
13-Broccoli and Cheese soup: recipe
14-chicken Parmesan
15-spaghetti and salad
16-leftover night
17-Mediterranean Grilled chicken
18-Chicken Caesar salad
19-leftover night
20-Ginger Beef Stir fry
21-Stir fry and rice
22-Crock pot: Peppered pot roast
23-leftover night
24-Minestrone soup: crock pot
25-soup and salad
26-Bowtie pasta and salmon
27-leftover night
28-Taco Salad
29-Peach Chutney Pork Roast
30-Pork and Rice
31-South Western Beef Stew

Happy Fall!!!



  1. Looks like a great list :)

    Hi, I am your new follower, from Mingle with us

  2. Yum, sounds like a great list so far. =) I have been toying with the idea of starting to actually plan menus. I kind of like being able to do whatever, but I think it would be nice to be a bit more organized!


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