02 September 2011

Health Kick

I love you Julia
Here's a picture of me squeezing my Julia last summer on June 30th the day we mark as her 1/2 birthday...I can't believe that she was 2 1/2 last year and this year she is not only 3 1/2 but working her way right up to 4 years old!  I'm a mom of a 4 year old, how and when did that happen?  Wasn't I just planning what my baby would look like as I perused the pottery barn catalogs?  It is so amazing how fast the years go!

Well, we are officially starting our school year (although school never really stopped this summer, even on our vacations we were reading, writing, and learning!)  And what better way to start a new school year than to visit the library?  Today I got the BEST BOOK EVER! I've already been filling up recipe cards the minute I got my grubby little hands on it (during nap time!)  I love cook books!  And this one is called Healthy Family Meals: 150 recipes everyone will love.  The American Heart Association approved this book.

I love you Babe and Mark-man
So far I fell in love with recipes like Twisted Pasta Salad, Shrimp Tacos, Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothies, Mediterranean Grilled Chicken with Red Bell Pepper Salad, and my favorite Bow-tie Pasta with Broccoli and Salmon!

You know your mouth is watering right now!

And each recipe has pictures, nutrition tips, and the calories, cholesterol, fat, protein, etc for each meal...but all the meals are GOOD for you!  Not a lot of butter or bad cholesterol, really yummy, healthy meals!

Here's a nutrition fact I loved and made sure I practiced today:

"To be sure your family eats enough fruit and veggies serve 2 veggies or 2 fruits or one of each at every meal!"
So at Breakfast today we had 2 fruits (bananas and strawberries with cereal), at Lunch we had a yogurt with cheese and crackers, and tuna with cut up carrots and cut up apple slices, and at Dinner we had chicken with potatoes, and carrots and green beans!  It was so helpful to me with this little nutrition fact and reminder!

I figure if John is going to take the kids for a run every day in the double stroller after work, and then do sit ups and push ups with the kids, the least I can do is make sure we are ALL eating healthy!!! Right?

Have a great weekend!  We will be in Doylestown with the WEAVERS! Our Labor Day tradition!

Our second Labor Day with the Weavers, Julia was only 9 months.



  1. That book looks great; thanks for sharing. Enjoy the time with your beloved Weavers to the fullest! xoxoxo C

  2. PB and banana smoothies sound awesome!! Most people don't realize how easy it is to eat healthy AND it all still tastes just as good or even better than tha unhealthy stuff. We still break the diet sometimes here, because I'd go CRAZY if I had to give up sweet stuff all together. But for the most part I think we're doing an okay job. I need to find a copy of that cookbook!


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