19 September 2011

I'd Choose You

Julia and I enjoy "Girl Time" at nap time and just before bed, we talk about our day, we plan what we will do when we wake up, and we read books.

Julia's Godmommy, Christy W., gave us a boat load of books that she used to read to her kids when they were little (we really hit the jack pot!)

And one of those books is called: I'd Choose You by John Trent.

This book is wonderful!  It's about an elephant who has an awful day at school, and how momma elephant makes him feel better and special again.  It's also about passing on a positive Blessing to your children each day, something I'm very BIG on, because our words to our children are so powerful.

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Each evening John and I read books to the kids and pray over them.  This is a great time to also put your hands on your child and bless them.  Here is an example of a blessing that Dr. John Trent wrote (I used Julia and Mark's name instead of his children's names):

"Lord may you bless Julia and Mark, today.  May you help them to know how much you love them and what a wonderful future you have for them.  Thank you for all the warmth and love you've put in their lives, and how kind and strong they're both becoming.  And Lord may they always know that we love them...and that out of all the kids in the world-we'd choose them. Amen."
Deuteronomy 7:6 "For you are a people holy to the Lord your God.  The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the people on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession."

And to all of you wonderful readers out there, you are just as special, and you have a great future ahead of you!  Keep seeking the Lord, and keep trusting that He has great plans for you even when you can't see them up ahead, remember, faith is believing without seeing.



  1. I clicked the link to the book - it looks like such a good one!! I used to read a book to Lexie every night before our prayers, too. But last year was the first year she told me that she'd rather read out of her chapter book before bed. *Tears!!* Occasionally she'll let me read to her from Winnie-The-Pooh or something else, but that's very rare now. I know you already know this, but TREASURE this time with them!! :o)

  2. Such a sweet and tender post Kristi. This book sounds awesome, I'll have to hunt it down for Lizzy Lou. xoxo C

  3. Thank you Sara and Christy! I am treasuring each moment!


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