07 July 2011

Girl Time (Just Mommy and Julia)

Recently, Julia has been grabbing my hand when we go down the steps and she says, "Mom, you're my best friend."  or before breakfast while I'm cooking, "Mom, I LOVE you."  or "Mom let's hold hands because you are my favorite daughter."  (wonder where she hears that?)

Sometimes because Julia is so independent she gets really into her playing with dolls, or building a castle or reading a book that I feel like she doesn't even need me, but other times, like at night time, I'm noticing she really wants my attention and loves to snuggle with me, and so during those opportunities I try to stretch out those moments and give her just what she needs, and I get to be super close to her, and it feels so good to know she does enjoy my company, and likes when I read to her, and she even gets my jokes at times.

Girl Time is our new time at night, usually around 8:50, after we read books with Mark, brush our teeth, and pray together, then Mark gives Julia a big kiss, and runs off to his room and he tries to climb into his crib.

Julia waits in her room for me and she tells Daddy as she is kissing him goodnight, "Daddy, you can't stay for girl time, it's ONLY mommy and me, because you aren't a girl."  John tries not to smile, but pretends to be super disappointed and dejected and walks out and tells me, "It's Girl Time."

During Girl Time, no boys are allowed.  Mommy gets to climb into bed with Julia, and we giggle like school girls, and we cover ourselves and mom grabs a huge stack of Julia's favorite books that week.  Right now it's: Just Grandma and Me, Madeline, The Big Green Pocketbook, and Arthur Goes to Camp.

We read each book, and of course mom acts it out, and Julia gets to say which book is next, and she asks the same questions during each story as the night before, and sometimes, like during Madeline, she "reads" right along with me because she has memorized the book.  This is the best time of the day for me because there is no disciplining, there is no competing with Mark, there is no "acting out" behavior for attention, there is just Julia and Me and we are just enjoying each others company.

And Julia is usually smiling and sucking her thumb and taking it all in.  She gets mommy all to herself and she knows she is loved and special.  And I get to just appreciate her unique ways, answer her questions, and giggle with her.

What more could a Girl ask for???

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  1. The lovely thing is girl time will go on for ever - I still have regular girl time with my mum and I'm pushing 50! You know what they say... A son is a son till he takes a wife, a daughter's a daughter the rest of her life

    PS - Sssh, but I also still suck my thumb!


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