22 July 2011

Art Class

Last week I took pictures during our Art Class.  I was amazed at how good the kids were during painting on the easel.  But I have found whenever we do something artsy and out of the ordinary they are so into it that their behavior is very good!  And both of my kids love love love to paint. 

To get ready for our painting adventure I had to cover our easel with newspaper.  I didn't want any paint droppings on my white board or the chalk board so I covered and taped the newspaper all around.

Then I taped plain white paper in the middle for them to paint on.  I gave each side two sheets at a time.

I put an apron on each little person and filled up small bowls full of the colors of their choice.

Everyone got a paintbrush and everyone got a water bowl to clean off their paintbrush. 

At this point I got my twitch worrying about how messy they would be...but they did not make a mess at all!

I placed each child on their side and set them up and they went to paint town!

And my were they creative and proud of their work!

After we did a few sheets of blank paper we went to coloring pages so they could paint inside the lines.  This worked even better. 

Mark is working on naming his colors so he was given color pages and he had to use certain colors.  Blue for bird and red for apple, etc.

I gave Julia a teddy bear to color in.  She dedicated it to our friend Alice, she was in Alice's wedding as a flower girl so they have a special bond.

I can't tell you how proud I was of these two kiddos!  They did great and I didn't get any gray hair and my twitch went away, just kidding I never got a twitch...  I just have an issue with neatness and messes.  Hence why we do craft time only once a week!

Great job Mark and Julia!  We love painting!  And I love your art work.  I asked Mark, who do you dedicate your picture to...and he said........ "MOMMY!"

Next week during art class we are going to decorate snacks!  I learned a lot of good ideas from Vacation Bible School!

Have a great weekend!!! We have two birthday parties to go to!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great idea! It looks like they both really enjoyed the time, and I'm glad you didn't get a nervous twitch. =) I get those too, usually an eye-twitch. Haha, just kidding!

  2. I think we must be very similar! I'm also a VERY neat person and always feel a little hesitant letting my daughter do something that *might* make a mess. :o) Looks like your kids had a lot of fun though - and maybe they share your cleanliness gene b/c they did a real good job not splattering everywhere! :o)

  3. Love the post! So much fun for the little artists! xoxoxo C

  4. Hey,what about poor little Charlie? Nothing for him ha?


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