25 July 2011

Family Prayer Time

God has been so good to us.  He continues to provide for us and encourage us and He places just the right people in our life at just the right time.

And His plan for our lives is always perfect.  Even when we may wonder or ask, "Lord, what are you doing here...this isn't how I would have planned for things to go..." We can still trust His infinite wisdom, because He truly does love us.  And He truly knows what is best for us.

I wanted to share something that my family and my extended family are doing.  It has been a huge blessing and has really encouraged me and drawn me closer to the people I love.  We have a set time of prayer each day where we pray specifically for each other. 

It was an idea that John, my hubby, came up with on Christmas day as we were enjoying our family time with my parents and sisters.  We went around the room and shared prayer requests and our hopes and concerns for the upcoming year...and since then all of our prayer requests have been answered and God is continuing to move!!! It is so neat.

My two sisters and I have gotten closer, we text more, we talk more, and we know each other more intimately.  My parents and I are more open with each other and our relationship has deepened.  And John and I are still amazed at how God's perfect plan continues to unfold right before our eyes.

1:00 everyday is our prayer time.  My phone even reminds me by the alarm goes off with the sound of church bells.  I turn off the alarm and pray for my family and I even text them at the time for updated prayer requests.  It's really wonderful to know you are being prayed for and you have prayer support.

It does take extra time and discipline, but prayer is so important!  It's not something I will skip over!


  1. I always love reading your posts! That is such a special and wonderful tradition your family has started! It sounds like you have an amazing family.

  2. I love this idea! And I love hearing your testimony of how God has used it to draw your family even closer - how AWESOME! xoxoxo C


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