06 July 2011


Sometimes... we look just like our Daddy.

Sometimes...we act so grown up and say such big words, and now complete sentences.

Sometimes...mommy can't get enough of our smile.

Sometimes...our outfit looks just like Daddy's.

Sometimes...your eyes are so blue.

Sometimes... you seem a whole lot older than you really are.

Sometimes... we have fun counting your freckles.  Especially when we find new ones.

Sometimes... we change our outfit just to match Aunt Sara, or Mommy, or someone we saw at the store.

Sometimes... we brush our own hair.  And mommy lets us leave it out, with NO clips.  Like a grown up.

Sometimes... we put on lip gloss, again, and again, and again, until mommy says, "I think that's enough honey."

Sometimes... we paint our toe nails and finger nails, and we show EVERYBODY how pink they are.

Sometimes...we like to tell everyone that when we are 5 years old we can get our ears pierced, sometimes we pretend we are already 5 years old so the time would just hurry up.

Sometimes...Daddy doesn't have work.

Sometimes...we get to play with him ALL DAY LONG.

Sometimes....we ask him, "Daddy, do you have work today?  No!  You are going to be home WITH US? Yay!!!!!"

Sometimes...Daddy teaches us new things like soccer and golf...and we put on sneakers even if it doesn't match our dress, because spending time with Daddy is precious and matching doesn't matter.

Sometimes...there's never enough time with Daddy.  Ever.

Sometimes...the WHOLE family comes over to celebrate a birthday.  And everybody laughs, and everybody sings, and everybody feels special.  Everybody.

Sometimes...there aren't enough candles.

Sometimes...the only person you want to hold you is Grandpa.

Sometimes...you feel at peace with everybody in the room, and you thank God for the moment, the love, and the laughter, and you pray it doesn't end.

Sometimes...we wake up on Sunday morning, and no one is rushing, and no one is late, and no one is cooking. 

Sometimes...life is better simpler with muffins and milk and Daddy making everybody laugh.

Sometimes...life is just better because Daddy's home, and mom is smiling, and we are getting ready to learn about Jesus.

Sometimes...Daddy lets us pick our first Zucchini from our garden.  And it doesn't matter that we have to go back inside because Daddy promised us something really special and we got to race to the garden to find out what it was!

Sometimes...Daddy teaches us more lessons than he even realizes about being patient to watch something grow, being faithful to care and nurture something, and being responsible to weed and water your garden.

Sometimes...Mommy loves Daddy so much she can't stand it because she goes out to an Engagement Party and comes home to two happy children who just ate a gourmet meal solely made from our garden by Daddy!  He thinks I'm super woman, but honestly he is MY Super Man!

Sometimes...these family moments are such a blessing that I keep them hidden deep in my heart for days when my children will be grown and I need to look back and remember how good we had it.

Sometimes...there's two of everything so no one feels left out.

Sometimes...I'm really tired.

Sometimes...I really miss John when he's at work.

Sometimes...a good morning kiss goodbye keeps me going for the entire day.

Sometimes...I really stop and say to myself, "God I don't deserve all of this.  Please help me use all these gifts/blessings wisely."

Sometimes...Fourth of July Weekends just aren't long enough.

Sometimes...I hate weeding.

Sometimes...I kiss Mark and Julia too many times and they say, "Mom that's enough!"

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! 


  1. sometimes....your blog posts make me cry because they are so sweet! xoxo C

  2. What a sweet post, you are a great mom, and have a beautiful family!


  3. Great family pics. Thank you for stopping by Espanol para Ninos and connecting.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week,
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)


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