20 July 2011

Her timing...Her poise...Her patience

Esther Chapter 5

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I really love this chapter because Esther was a far better woman than I am!  She had such great timing, poise, and grace in this chapter, and all the glory goes to the Lord.  She was in a tough position.  She was now Queen, but she needed to go speak to the King and disclose important information about his high power man Haman, and share about how her Jewish people were about to be slaughtered by a recent decree the King just signed.  In that culture the Queen was not allowed to just go to the King.  You had to be summoned, or you could be killed.

Esther now has to find a way to tell the King the truth and by doing so is risking her life and the life of her people...can I say S T R E S S E D?

What would you have done?

* Hid
* Kept quiet
* Prayed someone else would deliver the Jewish people

Mordecai, Esther's uncle, and surrogate father, let her know that God allowed her to be Queen for a reason, and that if she were to keep quiet at a time like this, someone else would be raised to do her job.  I like Mordecai.  He spoke the truth in love to her.

How much easier would it have been to sit back and keep quiet and just pray someone else would be brave enough to do something this bold, something only you were destined to do?

Esther was about to show her true colors.

Esther was more than a beautiful woman made Queen.

Esther was wise.  And wisdom only comes from God.  So she must've sought the Lord with what to do and how to do it.  Mordecai was praying.  The Jewish people were praying for deliverance...and now it is up to Esther.  What would she do?

She goes to see the King.  And the minute she sees him, it says in
verse 2 "when the King saw Queen Esther she found favor in his sight...."  

phew...he doesn't kill her.  An answer to prayer.  How relieved she must've felt when she saw the love, the favor in his eyes as he listened to her.

In verse 3 it says the King says to her..."What do you wish Queen Esther, What is your request?  It shall be given to you--up to half the kingdom..."

Whoa!  He really found favor with her...her confidence continues to build...God is so good!

And then she says, in verse 4 "If it pleases the king, let the king and haman come today to the banquet I have prepared for him."

She prepares a banquet....are you as confused as I am?  At this point I would have ranted and raved and cried and begged for my people...I mean, I see I have found favor in his eyes, I'm stressed, I'm worried for my life and my people, there's this huge weight on my shoulders...but no, not Esther...she waits.  She invites the King and Haman to this very special banquet, and both are more than happy to attend.

At the banquet the King continues to ask Esther what she wants, he is willing to give her up to half the kingdom!  Again, Esther just invites the two men to come AGAIN to ANOTHER banquet she has prepared for them tomorrow.

By this point Haman is celebrating, he is so honored and proud to be in such wonderful, royal company...but Esther has a plan.  At this point I still don't get what this Queen is doing!  Why does she wait?  Why didn't she say anything yet?  What is going on???  Oh but God has a plan, and Esther is patient.  I have a lot to learn.

When Haman is celebrating at the end of the chapter he sees faithful, noble Mordecai at the gate, still not bowing down to him...and he tells his wife and friends about how Mordecai won't bow in his presence.  His wife suggest he build gallows to hang this insubordinate man on....and Haman has the gallows made...and that's how the chapter ends!

Oh the suspense!

You will just have to be patient until we cover chapter 6 next Wednesday!

Have a great rest of your week!  Many of you have been asking about Vacation Bible School.  It is going amazingly well!  My kids love it, and we have over 80 kids coming each day!  Keep praying that all the kids stay safe and happy, and that we can continue to bless our community with the love of Jesus.


  1. Appreciate your studies Kristi! And BTW I think you and Esther have a lot in common. xoxoxo C

  2. I am amazed by Esther as well! I love the examples of Godly women that we have in the scriptures, they are definitely people I can look up to! I also agree with the above comment, as you definitely have many of those same Godly characteristics and are someone that I look up to as well. Love you Kristi!


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