21 June 2011

Beauty is Power

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If you are just joining my Esther study, click here, to get information on the plot of Chapter 1.  Click here to read about the promises and reminders found in this book.  Our two main character studies were on Queen Vashti and King Ahasuerus.  Today we are focusing on Esther because Chapter 2 is all about her but we are also introduced to her uncle Mordecai.

Queen Vashti was removed from her throne and new women were sought to become Queen.  But first they had to be ready to meet the King.  Check this out: they got pampered and perfumed for months!!! They had servants care for them, I'm sure they ate extremely well, and they got 6 months of oil and myrrh treatments for their skin, and six months with perfumes and other preparations for beautifying themselves!  Perhaps they got waxed, their hair styled, their nails painted.  We don't know for sure, but we do know that for a full year they were treated like royalty practically all to get them ready for that one visit with the King, because a first impression is the important one in this case.

Can you imagine what they must've did for that year besides getting beautiful, maybe they wrote letters back home to their families, maybe they got close with one another and became friends, maybe they took long walks around the palace?  Do you think their was a pool or a hot tub to soak or swim in?  Do you think their servants and care takers brought them whatever they wanted to eat or drink?  Or was their a strict diet?  We don't know for sure, but we do know they lived a very different life for that one year.

Hegai was the custodian of the women.  He was a eunuch.  Eunuchs were the King's servants but they were very special because they were c*strated so that the King could totally trust them to remain pure for his purposes.  Their main job was to be a loyal subject to the King or Queen.

It says in verse 9 that Esther pleased Hegai and she obtained his favor.  There was something about Esther that was likable and attractive.  Yes, we know she was in fact beautiful, but there was something beyond her physical appearance  that made everyone around her enjoy her company and she found favor in many people's eyes.  Her beauty was more than just skin deep.  Her character was worthy of praise.  In verse 2 we know that Esther is beautiful and a v*rgin because that is what was looked for in finding a new Queen.  But now we learn in verse 9 about her inner beauty and that their is something special about her.  Even though the name of God is never mentioned in this Book we see God's hand all along the way.  God made Esther beautiful on the outside, but he also instilled something about her personality that was attractive.  And she lived by a moral code since we know she was still a v*rgin.  But there's more....

In verse 7 it says she was lovely and beautiful...

In verse 9 it says she pleased Hegai and obtained his favor...

In verse 9 it also says Hegai gave her more beauty preparations besides her allowance (more than the other girls) and he moved her to the best place in the house of the women...

I see some favoritism here!  Did that happen by coincidence or did God have a special plan for all of this to honor and bless Esther and perhaps put her in a position to do more for her people? Hmmmm....

In verse 10 we find out Esther is Jewish BUT she withholds this information because her Uncle Mordecai tells her not to... she obeys authority

In verse 15 when it is finally her turn (after a year of pampering and beauty treatments) Esther is allowed to take anything she wants with her for her night with the King (each woman has a turn with the King, she meets him in the evening and leaves the next morning and is allowed to take whatever she wants from the women's quarters, they don't get to see the King again unless he asks for her by name)

Esther listens to what Hegai advises her to bring and it says, "she obtained favor in the sight of all who saw her."  So if everyone likes her there has to be something about her spirit that is sweet and humble and not proud or rude.  There has to be an air of comfort ability and peace around her and not an air of stress or tension.  There's something about Esther that everyone loves.

Finally in verse 17 it says,
"The King loved Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the v*rgins; so he set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen instead of Vashti."

Esther becomes Queen!  Wow, God has big plans for this woman of grace and favor.  Whenever we are promoted to a position of power we have a responsibility and we can believe without a shadow of a doubt that God had everything to do with that promotion.  Remember God always has a purpose.  He always has a plan.  He doesn't promote people to positions of power and honor so that they can abuse it or neglect to do what He has called them to do. 

Tune in next Tuesday as we learn more about this mysterious uncle Mordecai...because God has great plans for Mordecai as well!  Mordecai may seem unimportant or quiet at first, but as you dig in to read each chapter closely you see that this quiet humble man is right where God wants him to be at just the right time.  He may not be flashy or in a position of power, but never fear, because God can use anybody to do mighty things all He needs is a willing heart that is obedient and sensitive to His will and His call.


  1. I appreciate your lesson today, especially the reminder that God is always working in our lives - sometimes we're in a state of preparation. And I like your take on Mordecai - good stuff to think on. xoxo Christy

  2. FYI...also posted on the first try. Soooo great! Maybe Blogger has fixed it! Yayness! :)


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