02 June 2011

An Amazing Birthday...Blog Hop #2

 Yesterday (I turned 33) I had an amazing birthday!  It started out with me and my 3 year old daughter Julia and I going on a really cool nature hike with our MOPS friends (Mothers of Pre-Preschoolers in Englishtown).  We had a wonderful time hiking for about 2 hours!  We smelled different plants, listened to nature all around us, went on a scavenger type hunt, met a turtle and set him free and met a frog and saw some tricks!  We even used blindfolds to help us use all of our other senses besides sight to feel the objects, like trees in nature!

There was a pretty big group of us and all the kids did really well!  They were excited to listen to bird sounds, climb over logs, and see birds nests.  

By noon we couldn't wait to eat lunch and grab a drink!  And both Julia and I missed Mark dearly (who was having a blast with aunt Patti)

 After showers and nap time, we had birthday visitors!  Aunt Christy came over with Lizzy Lou! Yayness!  My kids love their cousin Lizzy, she is our favorite niece!

We love to cuddle her, hold her, play with her, and smother her to pieces!  Good thing Aunt Christy lets us!

Then we headed to my Mom's house to visit the grandparents, my sisters, and have dinner and cake!

I had a great time being with all the people I love dearly!!!
  Please stop by our blog hop and visit some new blogs!!!  I love meeting new bloggers! Welcome and have a great day!

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  1. So glad your b-day was wonderful! P.S. I love that blue top you are wearing in the last pic, where did you find it??? =)

  2. Mikalah, my fashion guru, do you know of the store H & M it is my favorite! The blue dress I'm wearing was only 14.99! It is super long, I had to get it hemmed, but I get a ton of compliments, especially over those silver buttons! Thank you dearie!

  3. Hi Kristi...you have a gorgeous family, and you do look very young for 33...I'm 33 as well. Thanks for co-hosting the hop. I am a new follower.

  4. Hopping over to mingle with you and follow! Come follow me too?

  5. Following you from Mingle With Us!
    Hope you visit me and return the

  6. Following you from the mingle with us blog hop!
    Thank you for hosting:)



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