20 June 2011

The Perfect Day

We spent Father's Day in Princeton!  It was a beautiful Sunday morning.  John first went golfing with his dad.  They usually do something special together like fishing or eat out together.  Me and the kids headed to church because we had nursery duty first thing.

Then as the kids napped it was just a peaceful, relaxing day for me.  There was a calmness and a stillness because there was no place to rush off to.  My Dad and Sara were busy driving Mom to the airport.  She is going to be visiting our family in Barbados for a week.  My Dad will be coming over for a few meals this week, so I can spoil him then.

The kids woke up around 2:00 and we were packed and in the car by 2:30.  It took a good hour to get there, but the drive is always beautiful.  The trees are so tall, and the town is so pretty. 

We first got some yummy frappucinos at Starbucks and we got the kids frozen yogurts!

John made the day so special by just being the great, funny, helpful Dad that he normally is.  I tried to capture those special moments between him and the kids with the camera.  It was a blast.

Lately, Julia's been asking me if she can wear my rings.  (my engagement and wedding ring) I told her, "No honey Daddy gave me those."  "Why?"  "Because he loves me and he wanted to marry me."  "Can I marry Daddy?"  "No honey, he's my husband!"  And we laugh.  But it's funny because I used to ask my mom the same question about my Dad.

After ice cream time we headed to the campus and walked around.  The kids barely needed their strollers.  They just skipped and ran, we played soccer.  We posed for lots of pictures for Daddy.  It was the perfect day!

Daddy even did some cool stunts for Marky!

I LOVE days like this...these are the days as a family that will be burned on my brain for years to come.  Those perfect moments when you ask God, why am I so lucky?  Why are my kids so great, so healthy, so well behaved?  Thank you Lord, you bless me too much...my cup runneth over...

Happy Father's Day, John.  I know sometimes we long for the days when the house is quiet and we can nap during the day, and go for endless day trips or just drop everything and go on a date, but right now is just fine for me.  I'm so blessed to have such a hard working man, a confident, strong, independent daughter, a mellow, bright, happy son, a home, a garden, and food on the table.  What more could I ask for?

Thank you, God, for this perfect day!


  1. It does sound like a perfect day! Such beautiful pictures Kristi. I'll be praying for your mom's trip. xoxo Christy

  2. Hi honey
    You've just linked to a weight loss Monday linky, but I can't see a relevant post...?
    Liska x


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