28 June 2011

Our Garden

A few months ago Julia and I had a girl day, and John and Mark had a boy day.  John decided to rip out 4 huge bushes and plant an extensive garden on the side of our house where the sun light is perfect.

It is amazing now how much our garden has grown.  Last night for instance (and the rest of this week) our menu will change because I have red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce coming out of my ears!  Last night instead of making a minestrone soup and having to get groceries for this week I improvised and threw some tortellinis on the stove top to boil.  Rinsed off some yummy lettuce, cut up tomatoes, added craisins, and croutons and some balsamic dressing.  I grilled some chicken.  And we had a nice light and refresshing salad meal.

I can't tell you how proud I am to be able to walk over to our garden and cut off basil I need for a recipe, or lettuce, or broccoli rabe (we are still waiting for our melons to grow, but the plants are huge!)  I just didn't expect this much produce to come from our own two hands and some dirt.

A secret the farmers taught us was not to over water, but let the rain do it's trick (of course if you see your veggies wilting you water them).

I just can't believe we are able to eat for free, and healthy and right from our own garden at the side of the house!  Thank you babe for all your hard efforts, and thank you to Marky and Julia who love to check on the garden and help us "water" it!


  1. Wow, your garden looks lovely! I haven't been by here for a while (haven't even been on the internet in a while!) and I noticed you redesigned your blog too. So pretty! Hope you guys are having a lovely Summer so far.

  2. Your garden does look lovely! And sounds delicious too :) Thanks for the tip about not overwatering - I didn't know that. xoxoxo C


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