16 June 2011

Mark's Party

On Mark's 2nd birthday we took him to the Turtle Back Zoo (May 27, Friday) but the day after we had a birthday party at Daddy's Taekwondo School in Old Bridge. 

Mark, and Julia and 18 little people came to play and do obstacle courses!  I was so thankful for Miss Roxanne helping us, Daddy, and Grandpa Jack.  Each took a group of kids around different parts of the obstacle course we had set up.

Daddy even showed the kids how to break a board with a kick or a punch!

Each group had to do a particular task.  This group had to color coordinate the objects in each bucket.

This group had to stay in their circle while Grandpa Jack came around with bubbles and they had to try to pop the bubbles.

Mark got lots of time to play and visit with Grandparents!

This group had to practice over and under by either crawling or jumping.  It was a very active 45 minutes!  The kids were ready when the pizza came!

Everyone did such a great job and had big appetites.  The parents got to eat at tables on the mat while we helped the kids eat their lunch. 

Grandpa Jack had a great idea of doing a tug of war game!  The kids loved it.  Especially when they won!

The kids loved the parachute too!  This was a great activity for them to shake all the beach balls off the parachute.  Miss Roxanne and Daddy were awesome!  They put so much into the day! 

We sang Happy Birthday and Julia helped blow out the candles.  And she swiped some icing on her way.

Mark loved sitting by Aunt Sara and eating cake!!!

When everybody left, after getting their goody bags, we began cleaning up!  Mark enjoyed helping!  His favorite chore at home is sweeping.  He has his OWN broom.

Thank you to everyone who made Mark's birthday such a special day!  He has a room full of boy toys now, a cool motorcycle, and lots of great summer time clothes.  He also got a Veggie Tales movie on confidence and a devotional just for him called, "Gotta Have God!"

Ummm, where did all my babies go?

I'm ready for another one!

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  1. Great post. Looks like a great party too! My boys are 3, and almost 2. They grow too fast it makes me sad.

    New follower from the hop!



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