11 June 2011

36th Anniversary

Gregory and Donna McKinney.  My beautiful, wonderful, and talented parents (both are artists) celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary this week!  June 7th!  I'm so happy for them. 

Tonight I got to chat with them for a bit as Mom watched my kids while I had a sister night with Sara.  It's really neat to be in a room with two people who have been through it all and still laugh together and share joy and love each day.

I'm so thankful for both of them.  Two very different people, Mom is very loose and laid back, while Dad is very tense and through, Mom is carefree like a summer breeze and Dad is very neat, organized and detailed.  Mom might show up late for an event where Dad is very timely.  Dad likes to have all his ducks in a row, while mom is laughing as they trot this way and that.  I love it!  I love how God knits opposites together and draws them closer over the years. 

And I'm blessed to have a sister who still likes to have movie nights and laugh out loud in the theater with me!  We are so silly when we are together and I love the freedom and comfort I feel when we are together.

God has blessed me with a really wonderful family and I am happy.  Very happy.  My prayers for a close family and honesty and laughter have all come true. 

And that is rare to find.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.  I love you!  Many more blessings and years to come.  May God continue to shine His face upon you, and bless you with love, laughter, joy, peace, and may you be content with all that you have.

And mom, as you always say, "I love you, no matter what."


  1. Congraatulations, Mr. and Mrs. McKinney!

  2. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. McKinney! And Kristi I love the laughing out loud in the theater part with your twin - you girls are the sweetest together! xoxo C


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