01 June 2011

33 Years Young

So today is my birthday, and I'm 33, and I'm completely content with it! I feel great, I'm enjoying my children, I'm in love with my husband, and I really feel God is using me in my ministry.  I think aging is good because I'm finally at peace with myself.  I don't really care what other women say about how I dress or what I look like, or if a gray hair pops up.  It's all a part of life.

I was saying to my friend Christianne on Memorial Day (John surprised me for my birthday by getting the grandmas to watch the kids while me and him and our two missionary friends went to NYC for lunch at Peter Leugers, the best steak house in the world...no really check on zagats, they are THE BEST) that I really don't care anymore about trends and fitting in, I wear what's in my closet and what's most comfortable for plopping down on the floor with my kids, don't get me wrong, I LOVE to dress up, but, all in good time.  The season I'm in right now is all about baggy tops and leggings and flats.

Tomorrow on my birthday I decided to join my MOPS group and go on a hike with my Julia at Kateri environmental center!  I'm praying for good weather.  I'm also excited for a day with me and my Julia...she's going to love being with all the big kids.  The trip is only for 3 years of age kids and up so Mark will be home with my friend Patti whom he adores!  Then after we come back from hiking, we will have a visit from my best girls!  My Christy and My Lizzy Lou.

I love you Christy! My bosom friend!

Mom and I
I will end the evening with my mom, dad, and sister Sara and the kiddos.  I couldn't ask for a better day.

Me and my sara
I did learn something new about myself this year, on Monday morning, when John still wouldn't tell me what I should wear, where we were going, or who was coming over, I realized...I DO NOT LIKE SURPRISES like this anymore. I used to love surprises!  I can remember when John and I got engaged, and Christy wanted to throw me a school bridal shower, she asked me did I want to know or did I want to be surprised and I was like bring it on!  Surprises are so great when you don't have little people to plan for!  But the knots that were forming in my stomach to clean the house, prep the kids, prep myself (and not know how to dress appropriately, were we going hiking? on a cruise? to a fancy restaurant?) and plan for the morning events in my absence were not easy or fun...so I told John, please, please tell me something, I don't feel good!  And I also told him, please no more surprises, next year, lets just plan it together! LOL

I'm thankful for another year to celebrate life and honor the Lord and be spoiled rotten by my husband!


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend! All my love, Christy

  2. Happy, happy birthday dear friend! I love that you are confident in who you are, you are absolutely beautiful and have such a radiant, sweet personality. Wish we live closer to each other so I could treat you to a birthday coffee! Ah well, maybe someday. =)

  3. I love how your husband spoils you! Not only do you deserve it, but it's a beautiful expression of his love and adoration of you. I didn't mind the spoiling either this time around! :)


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