21 July 2011

Above and Beyond

On Sunday, Christy and I planned a playdate with our families at her place!  It was awesome!  Christy and Mike have this amazing pool and their is a whole side for kids which is like one huge bath tub.  You feel totally safe with your kids playing in it and the kids love the freedom of being tall enough to walk in the pool!

I told John he was only allowed to take pictures of me in my bathing suit when he warned me so I could suck in my tummy!  He obeyed :)

Christy and Mike went above and beyond in planning the day and dinner for us.  We got there around 3:15 and were able to open presents, see Lizzy's room, lather sun block on, and then head to the pool.

Christy and I got to play in the pool with the kids and the men got to grill for the ladies!

Christy and Mike made this incredible spread with a green salad, and bean salad, Steak and Chicken Kabobs, a fruit salad, rice, oh my word, it all tasted so good!

It was really neat to play with the kids in the pool.  I was amazed that Lizzy could hold her own at only 9 months old walking all around with her tube and chasing after the beach balls and the kids...ummmm, who told her she could grow up????

Julia and Mark adore Lizzy and love on her constantly.  They just think she is the "bees knees!"

And I call Mike the baby whisperer because all kids love him.  He is so kind and patient and kids just want to be near him.

And Julia is my fish...she loves the water and never wants to eat or go to the bathroom.  She could hold it forever just so she has more time to swim and play.

I took a picture of the two daddy's near the grill, chatting it up and having male bonding time!

Oh, I forgot to mention the amazing hummus and veggie snack Christy had made for us.  My kids loved it!  They love anything to dip!  Isn't it great to have friends who go above and beyond for you?  We love you Aunt Christy and Uncle Mike!  Thank You!

When can we come over again???

With Love,
Kristi, John, Julia and Mark


  1. hi new follower from the blog hop
    love it if you came to visit me in the uk

  2. Come anytime! Family is always welcome! It was super sweet to fellowship with the whole fam. And so nice that John FINALLY got to hang with Elizabeth ;) Love the pictures of the kids - your children are toooooooo cute!!! xoxo C

  3. It is so nice to see people enjoying the 'things' that matter in life! Your blog is a very sweet place.

  4. Thank you Jen! You are very sweet to say so!


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