26 July 2011

Bringing Up Boys

Raising boys is so very different from raising our daughters.

Each day I see things that Mark does and says that is something new and unexpected and different from my Julia!

It is really exciting have a son and a daughter and we are loving the differences.

Many of our Christian friends have suggest reading Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson, for John and I to read.  John has read a 1/3 of it already (he's beating me! he's so fast) and so we really want to both read it together and share with you what God is teaching us through the book.  John has even said he will blog with me and be a guest writer from time to time about it!  If you have never heard of the book or heard of James Dobson you are in for a treat!  Feel free to get the book and read along right with us!  Next Tuesday will be our first look at Chapter 1!

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  1. I'm so excited to hear your perspectives on this book. For Christmas this year I gave Mark Bringing up Boys and Mike, Dobson's Bringing up Girls. I'll have to dig them out and read along! xoxox C


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