28 July 2011

I've Noticed

I've noticed how long your hair has gotten, and just how grown you are starting to look.

I've noticed how you like to wear certain sandals with certain dresses.

I've noticed how nail polish looks great on your toes and long fingers.

I've noticed how everyone is your "best friend," and your favorite daughter.

I've noticed how hard you have been working.

I've noticed the nights you came home late and went to work early.

I've noticed there weren't enough hugs or kisses to go around when you finally got home.

I've noticed that the kids miss you and can now express their feelings to you.

I've noticed how handsome you've become.

I've noticed how you are starting to memorize books and movies.

I've noticed how you are standing up for your opinions.

I've noticed how you like to try the same things Julia does, even if that means wearing click clack shoes and head bands.

I've noticed how you are starting to look more and more like Daddy.

I've noticed that your body is almost the full length of your crib.

I've noticed how you initiate potty training.

I've noticed that Mommy is still your Best Girl.

I've noticed how you hold my hand when we cross the street and encourage your brother to obey the rules.

I've noticed that you two are best friends, and are quite funny together.  I've noticed that when Julia is at gymnastics you miss her as I much as I do.

I've noticed that being a stay at home Mom has been harder than any full time Teaching job.  I've noticed that there's no other place I'd rather be than with my kids.

Babe, I've noticed how lucky we are...have you?


  1. I love this post. This has totally inspired me to do a similar one!

  2. Very sweet post! That one will certainly be cherished by you and your family for many many years.

  3. Beautiful observations from a loving mama! Love this! xoxo C


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