14 July 2011

Some things just get better with time...

In just a few weeks, John and I will be celebrating our 8th year wedding anniversary (On August 8th to be exact).

And I've been thinking lately...

About just how lucky I've been for the past 8 years...

And to be honest...

We met at 16 during our Junior year of High School, and since the very first day I met John he's treated me like a princess.

John has always been a romantic.  From putting a red rose in my locker every 28th of every month to signify the day we started dating, to surprising me with candy in my book bag.  These are the things from High School I remember.

He has always been one to make me feel completely special, listening to every word I say, taking time to let me know that I matter and that my thoughts and opinions are important.

John has always been great at remembering the things that are important to me and the things I enjoy like spending time with friends, and listening to Jars of Clay or going to a museum.  I even like to go to Barnes and Noble just to get a coffee, browse the books, and clear my head.  These are the things we do together.  We've morphed into this couple who truly enjoy the same things.  And honestly, I enjoy anything John enjoys, even if it's not my thing, I just want to be near him and see him happy and vice versa...and that's something that has made the last 8 years so wonderful.  I believe truly making your mate your best friend, and confidant, and just wanting to make them happy (focusing on someone else's best interest and happiness over yours) makes you a more wonderful person and it brings you joy.  Pure joy. 

Some things just get better with time...

Like loving you...

Holding you...

And just being near you...

Eight years has gone by like a blink...especially the past 4 years with being pregnant and having kids...sometimes it still feels like yesterday (June 9, 2002) when you proposed to me in front of 80 people at a church choir picnic in Doug and Peggie's back yard and you asked me to be your wife.  And my first response was, "Did you ASK my parents?"  And then of course, "YES!"  I'll never forget your tears and my shock and everyone's applause...some things do get better with time!


My cooking has improved...much more variety!
And you remember to take out the trash!
I say I'm sorry quicker...
You listen without solving any problems...
Our hugs have gotten longer...30 seconds!
Having kids has taught us the importance of planning date nights
We laugh more
We thank God more for all the blessings that come our way
We pray more

I love you, babe!  Can't wait for our Cape May!


  1. I'm a new GFC follower from MSM's thursday blog hop :)

  2. Aw, what a sweet post. I love it. I feel that way about my Josh now, and it's so wonderful to hear from another Christian couple who are still as in love after 8 years of marriage!

  3. I barely know you and this post almost made me cry! :o) What a sweet, happy marriage ya'll have. It makes my heart happy to see other couples enjoying life together so much! My husband and I will hit 8 years on August 11th, so we're only 3 days behind ya'll! :o) Congrats to you both and I hope you have a lovely anniversary!

  4. Kristi I am SO glad you stopped by to introduce yourself and give me a chance to get to see your wonderful writing!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog post-

    Thanks again for coming my way :)

  5. This was a tear jerker Kristi. Beautiful sentiments about a beautiful life together! Love you both so much! xoxoxo C


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