01 July 2011

So Good!

Have you ever just wanted to "hug" a day because it was just so sunny, and perfect and everything just went to plan?  Yup, that's the kind of week we had!  John came home on time for most of the week and me and the kids just couldn't get enough of him!

On Tuesday evening, I had a "home school date" with my friend Michele who has 5 children and she has adopted 3 of them and home schools them and she loves the Lord, so as you can imagine, just sitting down with her and talking was a huge blessing.  But she also gave me lots of advice and tips, shared books with me, and helped me get connected with a local home school group so we can do field trips with other home school kids and basically stay in the loop of education with other home school families!  It was fun just laughing with Michele and sitting on the floor of her basement school room floor, drinking coffee, and sharing our hearts and passion for the Lord.  Michele is a great person for me to look up to and someone who keeps me grounded, because as a teacher and a type A personality at times, I have very high expectations, and Michele constantly reminds me that my kids are still 2 and 3 and that education is fun, and to really just enjoy this time at home with them, and keep my kids in prayer constantly.  And I just love her to pieces because she is so witty and down to earth.

This week's highlight:

Julia had her first day at Gymnastics Camp today and did marvelously!  She gave mommy a big kiss before saying goodbye, and with a packed lunch and back pack she was off to do her thing!  When I picked her up I saw the biggest smile on her face, the patriotic craft she made, and watched Mark give her the biggest hug I've ever seen.  (See I wasn't the only one who missed her to pieces)  I was so proud of her!  Wow, she is such a big girl!  And she is also officially 3 1/2 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had an awesome play date at Dorbrook this week with my friend Janice and Ava and Gavin.  Julia and Ava were hand in hand the entire time, best buds, it was so precious.  Ava won Julia's heart over when she asked, "Will you be my friend?"  How could you resist?

Curriculum Planning for the Fall:

I'm currently putting together a Space Unit for my kids and a Colonial Unit for the Fall!  And I even have some fun field trips planned to a Planetarium and possibly the Old Barracks in Trenton!  The great thing about home schooling pre-schoolers is their ability to absorb information and their love of learning.  Julia and Mark have endless questions, and mommy is busy researching to answer them all!  I've bought some Space Books to brush up on my facts click here and here to see some that we've purchased and borrowed from Michele, and click here to see our History for Little Pilgrims.

And Michele gave us some awesome Bible books for the kids about Right Choices, and My Own Psalm 91 Book.  My kids LOVE the Right Choices Book.  (click on the titles to view the books).  They sit so still and hang on every word.  They can't wait to we get to the questions at the end asking if the children made the right choice or the wrong choice, and they LOVE learning about how God wants them to live.  I wish I could record their faces and answers...such passion!  God is so good and loves our children so much.  Sometimes we worry when Lord, will they know you as their best friend, but if I know God loves me, and He does, then I know He loves my children even more than I do, which kind of seems impossible since I love them so much, but He wants them for His own and will continue to knock on the doors of their little hearts.  I'm so thankful for that reminder.  It gives me peace and encourages me to keep on teaching them His Word and being faithful in my own life.  Michele helped remind me of this too!

Grandma's Return from Barbados

Mom has no idea how much we all missed her.  We are so glad she is safe and sound and back from visiting Aunt Lenore and Aunt Mavis (both in their 80s).  She was 2 miles from the beach and came back dark and lovely and well rested.  She even brought us a mango from Barbados!  My kids could not stop hugging her and singing the song I made up, "BARR-BAAD-OOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  We sang it loud and proud and kept making Grandma laugh.  Mom, no more vacations for you, you are needed here!!!

And yes Mark cried when Grandma had to leave...

The Garden Pics

Okay, now brace yourselves for this part...I'm going to show you what our garden looked like before and after...and p.s. our zuchinni and yellow squash are almost ready to be picked!!!


Crazy right?!?

I pick lettuce every day for lunch and for dinner and we give to our neighbors, and my basil, and arugula are so strong tasting and yummy, but the zuchinni and yellow squash...check out below...

yellow squash in center    

Oh baby, look at that zucchini!
Life is So Good!  Can't wait for this weekend to celebrate with Mom and Dad their birthdays are a day a part and we have a fun engagement party on Sunday with church friends.  So Good!


  1. What a great week! God is so good! Yay for Julia and a successful start to Gymnastics Camp; I'm so proud of her too! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures of your garden's progress and the great links. xoxo C

  2. Love your Motto 'Together, we have it all!'

    Praise God! Yes, we have an awesome God who gives us so much to be thankful for...

    Thanks Kristi for being the special 'You' that you are! This is Mom. It was soooo good to be home and to be missed, and to be hugged by your precious children.

    Mark would run to hug me, then run away... then a few moments later - remember that I was away, and run back to give me another hug!! All with his big smile... So precious!

    And I love your garden! Unfortunately my garden died a bit - since I was away.. I believe the rabbits had fun eating all my lettuce! Each and every one.. ; )

    Love you guys! So glad you had a blessed week!
    - M


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