19 July 2011

Date Nights :)

Laura's wedding

This was a wonderfully busy weekend with a wedding on Friday, a BBQ with friends on Saturday, and a fun playdate on Sunday!

Big thank yous to my Mom and Mother in Law who watched the kids for us on Friday and Saturday.  The kids adored having the grandparents over for the evenings, and John and I welcomed the change of pace and alone time together we were able to share.

On Friday, my good friend Laura, and teacher friend from Timothy got married to her fiance Reuben!  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and the food was delicious.  It was wonderful to hear Pastor Joe give the blessing and the talk during the wedding because it brought back memories on our own wedding day.

Laura was an absolutely stunning bride! And her groom was so proud!

It was great to see such a happy, in love couple, honoring the Lord and having a blast on their wedding day!

We all had a great time dancing on the dance floor with Laura, and just celebrating her special day!  I got to have some slow dances with my John too!  It was wonderful sitting and chatting with all my teacher friends.  We are a close knit bunch!  And we are very silly!

On Friday as I got ready in the bathroom with hair, make up, and the whole nine yards, My Julia Star also got the lip gloss out, the hair brush out, and had to have a dress on for Grandma Donna's arrival.  She asked me about 1 million times if she could go to the wedding with me.  Grandma made it extra special by having a picnic party in the basement!

On Saturday, we headed over to our good friends,Violeta and Adrian for a delicious, and relaxing BBQ!

Everyone was sad we didn't bring the kids, because they love seeing Mark and Julia, but we explained that date nights are few and far between and having time alone with friends is important too, no matter how cute and wonderful are kids are, everyone needs a break from time to time.  Plus, Julia and Mark got to spend the evening with Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jack.  Julia got a new doll from Grandma and Mark got a new train!

At the BBQ we were pampered and served and we sat and talked and talked...and no one interrupted us, no one had to go on the potty, nobody's diaper had to be changed, and no one was competing for attention.  It was sweet.

I also got to see John sit back and relax, and chat it up with his buddies, John and Adrian.  There were several couples there and it was so nice to have an adult conversation for a change!

Adrian did all the grilling, he gets the sausages and steaks from a special butcher, so the meat is always DELICIOUS!

He's such a great host!

For dessert we had red velvet cake, fruit, and apple strudel!!!!!

It was also nice for me to have girl time.

Thank you Lord for wonderful friends, fantastic grandparents to watch the kids, and a super hubby who still enjoys my company!!!


  1. How wonderful! I can imagine it is nice to be able to leave your kiddos with someone you trust and enjoy the company of adults exclusively once in a while! =) Also, your dress (the long blue one) is SO pretty! You are gorgeous!

  2. Mikalah you are too kind! Thank you!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Yay for grandparents. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! xoxo C


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