28 March 2012

A Clean Approach

My Cleaning Schedule has been the same schedule for over a year now (it may even be two years old with a small tweak here and there).

I post it right on my fridge as a gentle reminder...but it's what I follow each day.  I don't have it memorized, but I kind of get the general idea.

Let's face it by Friday, Mommy is beat...so my work load is less...it's also they day we have gymnastics and tend to visit family or friends after school so I like to make it an "easy" day.

Sunday: Garbage Night
Monday: 1 load of laundry, vacuum living room
Tuesday: 1 load of laundry, wash kitchen/laundry room floors
Wednesday: Garbage night, vacuum and dust kids bedrooms
Thursday: 1 load of laundry, clean all bathrooms
Friday: Vacuum basement and blue room (playroom/schoolroom)
Saturday: 2 loads of laundry, clean master bedroom

Saturday is always my "catch up"/ "touch up" chore day anyway, so I tend to do at least 2 hours of cleaning on the weekend no matter what I did Monday through Friday.  But during the week if I do at least one load a day or one room, the weekend is a lot more freer to do bigger jobs around the house or yard work...and now we will be working a lot outside to plant our vegetable garden seeds and regular flower and lawn maintenance.

Sunday is our day of rest and besides clean sweeping the floors and counters I try not to do any major work. This is my snuggle and nap after church day!  And I love a good Sunday nap with my honey!

I have to say, cleaning my home has always been a joy (even the bathrooms) because this is my home!  I am proud of it.  I feel blessed to have one.  And I take pride in keeping it neat and clean.  I have found that doing a little each day helps me to feel accomplished throughout the day and let's be honest, I'm a home maker so this is what I proudly bring to the table!  It's what I do!

Spring Cleaning is right around the corner...we have lots to give away, as usual...and the garage could use a really good cleaning out again...every few months it just gets packed somehow!  I am loving Spring!!!



  1. i just revamped my cleaning schedule a little bit too. i love my sundays to be for naps and relaxing too. have a good wednesday!!

  2. I've been following your example for a while now with a cleaning schedule. It makes a big difference in helping you feel ready to be hospitable at any time too. Great post Kristi! xoxo C


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