29 March 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week I am so thankful for my in laws!

John and I wanted to move far far away from our families when we got married.  We just wanted to be alone and have our OWN life...kind of selfish right?  I think we were so lucky that we didn't.

We live seven miles from both of our families and I am so glad.  This week Julia caught a strange virus.  On Sunday evening around 3am she started screaming in pain...she had a fever so I got her some Tylenol and we both went back to sleep.  In the morning I went on a lunch date with my buddy Roe, while Aunt Laurie watched the kids...it wasn't long before I got the text..."Kristi where is the Tylenol for kids Julia is complaining of a headache."  The rest of that day and all of Tuesday Julia had a 100.3 temp.

I lead Ladies Bible study on Tuesday and I couldn't get a sub on such short notice so My wonderful MIL came over and watched the kids from 9 til 12 so I could teach my group of 25 ladies.  When I came home my MIL said, "I'll stay here and watch Mark if you want to take Julia to the doctor."  She must've seen the desperation in my eyes and I was so lucky to get an appt so soon for a throat culture (everyone at Bible study said strep throat is going around and a fever and no appetite are symptoms).  Turns out Julia got a negative throat culure...so the nurse said, it was probably just a virus and to give her lots of rest and liquids.

I'm so thankful that my MIL rescued us.  By the time Julia and I came home at 1pm...the kids and I watched part of Rescuers Down Under while eating Ice Pops then both kids slept til well after 4pm...I guess the both needed the rest...and guess what?  I got to nap too!

Thanks Mom Mac...thanks Aunt Laur!  You guys are awesome! (And whenever they both come over to babysit they always wash the dishes and clear the table...I love that!)



  1. I'm glad everything turned out for the better! Gotta love family! I'm following you from the Mingle With Us blog hop :)

  2. What a blessing your in-laws are to you and what a blessing it must be for them to be so close to their precious Julia & Marky! I'll be praying for Julia's complete recovery. xoxo C

  3. Hi there! I'm stopping by from the blog hop today :-) Looking forward to following your blog.
    Take care,


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