18 March 2012

Facebook/Blogging Break

I've missed blogging so much these past two weeks, but I really needed the breather.

My sister's bridal shower went well!  She texted me that she felt she had the best bridal shower in the whole world.  I was so happy she was so blessed.  It was a great day, and we had a lot of fun.  I didn't realize how emotionally drained I would be though giving a bridal shower, there were so many details to consider and I can say now that I sighed a huge sigh of relief when it was all said and done!  At first I was really nervous and the morning of the shower God gave me a peace and an overwhelming feeling of just wanting to bless her socks off!  And we did just that!

The day after the shower we headed to Princeton with Vivi and Adrian and they did a photo shoot for us with the kids.  All the pics I will post this Spring will probably be from that shoot.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and they really blessed us by taking so many family shots of us.  Mom and Dad rarely get to be in any pictures so it was really nice.  Thank you Vivi and Uncle Adrian!

On this past Monday I did a photo shoot for In Jersey magazine at Asbury Park Press and it was so much fun.  John took the day off work and I was able to concentrate fully on the shoot and not worry if the kids were ok (it was from 9 am til 4pm so it was a long time away from them).  I was really out of my comfort zone, but I loved meeting all the make up people, hair people, and wardrobe people, the photographer and the art director for the magazine, plus the two other models.  We had such a blast and everyone was down to earth.  The pictures and article on Moms comes out in May!!!

What I learned most these past two weeks away from media is that facebook and blogging is NOT my job.  I think I've been media crazy...John made a comment the other day at the dinner table that really put things in perspective for me and I don't want people to think all I do is facebook or blog, because truly I don't.  I enjoy them both, but my JOB is being a wife and Mom and those are my most favorite things to do!

Sometimes things get out of balance for me and I've definitely been asking God to help me be more balanced.  In the meantime I might just have to take media breaks from time to time to get things back into perspective and back into focus.


  1. I have definately missed you, but totally understand what you did and why. Very proud of you! Kathy M

  2. Thank you Kathy!!! It's so nice to be missed :) Love you!!!

  3. Good for you! Glad you're back, though. You've been missed :)


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