02 March 2012

Awesome Aquarium Trip

I brought the kids to the Jenkinson's Aquarium on Thursday, with my friend Janice (who is my hero because she has 3 kids under the age of 5).

I knew it would be fun and exciting trip for the kids because it was new and we've never been there before, but I never realized how much they would learn in just a 2 hour visit.  They saw seals, sharks, piranhas, alligators, frogs, penguins, parrots, jelly fish, snakes, sea horses, star fish, it was amazing!

They went to every tank and talked and touched and were in such awe.  I didn't realize how they are at such a perfect age for trips like this (they are fun trips for me too!)

I will next time prepare better by reading books on the fish or sea creatures we might see at the aquarium...because they said the word aquarium the whole day on Wednesday, but I knew they had absolutely no idea where we were going, I explained that it was right by the beach and on the board walk and they were sold!  Plus meeting Ava, Gavin, Olivia, and Miss Janice there was a huge plus.

When we got home the kids were really tired, but tomorrow we are going to go to the library and find some books on sea life, or maybe research some on the computer.  I want to have a follow up on our learning filled field trip!

I was SO proud of their behavior.  Mark didn't want to touch any of the sting rays or sea urchins in the Touch Tank, but Julia and Ava sure did!  Mark was in awe by the little turtles, and the penguins being fed, and the snakes and of course the seals and the sharks.

I had to text Daddy pictures of our trip because he was dying to see their reaction and he texted back, "I am so jealous...I want to go!"  I think our next trip there will be just as special, because then they will be the experts and can show John all the cool stuff they saw!  Plus, Daddy will bring them to the really cool gift shop at the end!

***Today is Friday, March 2nd...Dr. Seuss birthday!  Check out my pinterest board to see some of the crafts we will be making and fun things we will be coloring! Click on the word below to view my Dr. Seuss board.


We are also going to be reading our favorite Dr. Seuss books:

1. Horton hears a Who?
2. Green Eggs and Ham
3. The Sneetches
4. The Lorax
5. Hop on Pop
6. Mr. Brown can Moo!


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  1. I just started following your Dr. Seuss Pinterest board - thank you!
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