25 July 2012

Terhune Orchards Princeton

Read and Pick Program

 One of my favorite places to take the kids is to Princeton.  We go to this farm and enjoy their Tuesday Read and Pick Program for $7 per child.  The head of the farm reads us a few books about the topic that day (yesterday was flowers) she makes the kids pretend to grow like flowers, tell her their favorite color and then they are given a cup with water and some scissors and they get to cut their own flowers!  They have a 9:30 class and an 11 class, and since it takes an hour to get there I go to the 11am.

Mark and Julia and my friend Erin's kids Nicholas and Christopher really enjoyed the farm.  It was a hot day but afterwards we ate a snack under the shade, fed the animals, played on the tractors and milked a fake cow.  What more could you ask for.  I also bought a boat load of farm fresh peaches so I could make a peach cobbler this week....yummo!

These are the days I want my kids to remember...when mommy took them to fun places to learn new things!  We are going to go back in August to pick apples and peaches!!!!

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