12 July 2012


"Boys will be boys..."

 You've heard it many times...

Well my little boy, loves to make crafts...he loves to glue, and to cut, and especially to wave the final product around and sting mommy!

My boy loves mommy and son time when Julia is at Gymnastics camp and we just chill out and play together and talk.

He tells me all about super heroes, bat man, and spider man, and iron man, and Captain America.  And he tells me how he doesn't like the bad guys because they are NOT nice.

I love how he is always using a cape to fly around the house and rescue damsels in distress.

My boy loves to eat...anything and everything...and cream cheese on his bagel is a favorite!

My boy likes the beach...he doesn't like the scary/wild waves though...he prefers the calm part that washes over his toes...

He does like to build with Julia!

My boy loves getting hair cuts now...go figure!  He loves cool spikes too!  He gets sad when he takes a bath and the spikes go away.

The best part of the hair cut is the lollipop afterward!

My boy loves trying new foods.  Daddy took us to the Chinese Market to get ingredients for sushi rolls and Mark ate a sesame ball with bean curd!  I was so proud!  We could totally take him over seas.

Lately, my boy loves to be silly!  He is so funny!  He uses different voices, and tries to make everyone laugh.

My boy, loves to hear about Jesus.  He loves VBS this week watching the skits and singing and doing the moves to the new worship songs.  Especially: You, You, You, You can trust God!  I love his tender heart towards the gospel and how he defends Jesus when we tell him how Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins.  He got very upset that God allowed Jesus to get hurt on our behalf.  "That's not fair mommy!"  I love his heart. 

I love my boy.


  1. Ilse (kindred spirit)July 12, 2012 at 6:58 AM

    I love your sweet boy too! He's adorable. It's been great at VBS. See you today! Love ya, Ilse

  2. Oh, Marky! You are such a sweetheart of a boy!

  3. I always wanted a son. Your boy is totally adorable - enjoy him!! i know we do! love ya...

  4. What a cute post. Following you from the Mingle With Us Blog Hop. Stop by and visit me sometime:


  5. Oh my word! That haircut!!! <3


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