16 July 2012

Grandma Goggles

Through the eyes of Grandma...

This past weekend (and countless others) my mom took the kids for the evening so John and I could have a date night to spoil some friends for their birthday.  We got to see the movie Spider Man at the Dine in Theater.  It was awesome.

My mom came to the door at 5:30 pm with a blow up alligator (he was huge) new bug collectors (we are studying bugs in Science right now) to catch fire flies, and beads/bracelets for Julia, and a car model kit from the dollar store from Mark.  Grandma Donna means business...

Whenever my mom watches the kids I can usually expect later bedtimes, and a whole lot of excitement.  The kids never want her to leave and she always has something new just for them.  Who does this??? Grandma does.

And when it is time to come home (usually kids are asleep by then) Mom never leaves right away, she gives us a play by play of everything everybody said/did/ate, etc...she tells us every funny detail, every time Julia shared, every time Mark used the scissors properly, and even takes care of our puppy.  So if we get home by 9:45 she doesn't even leave til after 10 pm...she has Grandma Goggles...

She sees everything through the eyes of Grandma's perspective.  Everyone behaved, everyone ate well, everyone was good, Did you know Julia can do this?  Did you know that Mark can spell that?  Everything is wonderful in Grandmas eyes...and I love it.

Last night's fine moment was when it was time to go to bed and Marky got very upset because (he's my 3 year old Linus from Charlie Brown) he could NOT find he blanky anywhere (it was in the dryer...I can't remember everything! LOL)  Sure enough, guess who came to his rescue?  Julia!  She told Grandma she knew mommy washed it today at laundry time (she's my all time helper) and she ran downstairs and found it for him...My mom went on and on about how tender and loving Julia was to her brother (ahem, my mom does not see these two fight during play time!)  Those Grandma Goggles can only see the good in their granddaughter.  So precious....

And my mom's other highlight story was that at bedtime Julia remembered to pray for my mom's mom...Grandma Corrine who has a bad neck.  My mom couldn't get over Julia's prayer.  (She is quite the prayer warrior my 4 1/2 year old.)

Grandma Goggles.

I heard about these Grandma Goggles through a friend Lindy, and sure enough it's true...everyone grandma has them.  And it is just wonderful.

I got several texts again today from my mom about her glorious grand children.  About how good they are, how smart they are and how blessed I am as their mom.  And she's right.  Grandma Goggles and all!

Love you Mom.


  1. Not every gandma possesses these goggles. You are blessed that your mom does.

  2. I agree with mlissabeth. You are blessed! im so jealous..lol...!


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