24 July 2012

Revisit--Summer Plans

Planning Ahead

 Click here to see a post I wrote before summer began.  It was about the importance of planning your summer ahead of time before others or events take over your precious time.  Isn't it amazing how many birthday parties, graduations, etc are during the summer?

Some important goals I had for the kids were visiting: Kateri Environmental Center (June 1)...Turtle Back Zoo (May 25)...The beach (once a week)...Dorbrook (we've gone at least 4 times this summer)...Jenkinson's Aquarium we did (July 16)...the only place we haven't gone yet is Allaire State Park and I plan to go in August for a train ride.

We also went to Terhune Orchards in Princeton twice so far and had a blast learning about farm animals and flowers!

Fall Plans

Some exciting things to look forward to this Fall are Gymnastics, Awana, Co-op Homeschool group twice a month, Bible Study Fellowship once a week, and Mops once a month.  I'm still aching to take my kids to Liberty Science Center...I'm hoping to go this August/Sept.  I also want to take Julia to the American Girl Doll store in NYC and I want to take Mark to Insectropolis...a museum about bugs...he's so into bugs lately.

I like planning ahead...I feel more accomplished this way!

"Iniative prompts you to tackle the task before you are told, before you are asked, and before the last minute!"

Planning ahead is my motto!

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